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ikology 10-11-04 08:13 AM

Cycling in Perth (WA)?
I'll probably be relocating to Perth (Western Australia) next year and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the cycling culture and facilities are like there.

This is what I'm mostly interested in knowing:

1. Is Perth relatively cycle-friendly?
2. Do many people commute by bike?
3. Are there any good off-road trails in the Perth area?
4. I think I'd like to join a MTB or touring club when I get there. Are there any good ones?
5. Are there any good bike shops? Sounds crazy to ask, but even in a huge city like London a friendly & helpful LBS is VERY hard to find.


Johnny_Monkey 10-11-04 11:29 PM

In answer to your questions:
1. Perth is very cycle friendly. I have never been given a hard time while cycling.
2. Many people commute by bike. It's not difficult to do all year round because of the mild weather. My one-way commute is 17km and it usually takes about 40 minutes.
3. I'm not into off-road cycling but I believe there are many tracks in the hills as well as the 900km Munda Biddi trail.
4. I am not sure, but considering how popular cycling is in Perth you shouldn't have much difficulty in finding a good club.
5. There are many good shops, and probably a few not so good. Xtreme cycles in the city seem to be a good place for mountain bikes, and Glen Parker cycles in Nedlands seem to have the best ie exotic road bikes.

Are you transferring with your work and if so are you in the oil & gas or mining industries?


ikology 10-12-04 02:51 AM

Thanks for the info, Johnny. Those are all the right answers - just what I was hoping to hear, and lots to look forward to.


Are you transferring with your work...
No I'm not - I'll be job-hunting when I get there. I'm a graphic designer, working mainly in web design. My wife's family live in Perth, which is why we're moving over. I'm really looking forward to it.

Johnny_Monkey 10-12-04 03:06 AM

Well if you're looking for a city that is pretty much the opposite of London, you're coming to the right place.

Do you know what suburb your wife's folks live in?

ikology 10-12-04 05:21 AM


...pretty much the opposite of London...
Haha... that's good, it's going to suit me just fine then. I don't come from London originally, I grew up in Cape Town, so it's going to feel a lot like home I think.

The family live in Dianella, which I believe is just north of the city centre, although I could be wrong.

I was also wondering if bike theft is a problem in Perth. It's mad in London, and I'm always relieved when my bike is still where I left it locked up. I'm hoping that it's much less of an issue in Perth.

Johnny_Monkey 10-12-04 06:32 AM

I'm not sure if theft is a problem. If it is it's probably not a big problem as I can't remember hearing too much about it. My bikes are never left outside or anywhere that's not secure anyway.

Dianella is about 10km north of the city.

I've heard that there's 100,000 South Africans living in Perth so you should feel right at home. I work with two of them. Perth may get the 4th Aussie Super 12(14) team as well so you may be able to watch some rugby as well.

ikology 10-12-04 06:54 AM

Good news about the relative lack of bike theft. If that's true, then my faith in my fellow man should increase rapidly and significantly.

Wow, 100 000 South Africans! That's quite a few. London has got a few hundred thousand too.

Have to admit that I'm not a big rugby fan, I'm much more into surfing, which also seems to have near religious status in Aus.

Johnny_Monkey 10-12-04 07:17 AM

I still wouldn't leave your bike unlocked and I have seen bikes left at my railway station vandalised. Perth was the Australian (state) capital city with the most car thefts before they made immobilisers compulsory a couple of years ago.

Good surfing around Margaret River about 300km south of Perth. Probably lots of other places but that's where most of the hard core surfers seem to go.

ikology 10-12-04 08:07 AM

I get your point about not leaving bikes unlocked - that would be tempting fate. I hate it when bikes get vandalised though - it's so sad that people will get a kick out of depriving somebody else. There's not even a profit motive, just sheer malice.

I'll definitely be checking out Mags. I hear it's a very beautiful area. I'll need to work on my surfing a bit before paddling out there though - I haven't surfed in 3 years (since living in London) so I ain't so hardcore anymore. I'll be checking out the city beaches first I think :)

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