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d2create 10-13-04 07:22 AM

OnGuard U-lock - Anyone mount theirs on the frame?
I just got one of their u-locks and it came with the mount that attaches to the frame. I can't find anywhere on my Kona Dew for it to fit inside the main triangle, especially with a water bottle cage mounted. So for now it's just in my bag but that thing is heavy! :eek:

demoncyclist 10-13-04 08:23 AM

CAn you leave the lock on the rack you use at the work end of your commute? I don't carry my lock with me, it stays on the bike rack at my office with its brothers and sisters.

d2create 10-13-04 08:29 AM

My bike sits next to me in my office all day. ;)
I have the lock so i can run errands during lunch and such or any other time i'm not at the office with it.

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