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late 10-13-04 10:04 AM

The King (of innersoles) is dead. Long live the King
I never thought anything would get me to pry my Superfeet out of my cycling shoes. I got a pair of innersole to use in my sneakers. ( ) They worked really, really, well; and I felt I had to try them cycling. They are great! If you pronate, supinate, or just want a little more support; these are the best I have found so far. They have a lip that eats up a little room in the forefoot area. But that lip decreases the tendency of the foot to roll to the side. Very cool. I still need to shim a little to compensate for my pronation. But I am very pleased so far with these.

ch0mb0 10-13-04 11:20 AM

yeah, but are you gellin' like a felon? :D

late 10-13-04 07:32 PM

Prob not, but I'm spinning with happy feet.

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