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Old 01-20-11, 05:44 PM   #1
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Your 1st cycling/ bike memories..AND WHY!

I would love to know your 1st cycling memories are pictures but more importantly that 1st emotion..and how did it feel and how does that relate to you now??
pictures , stories adventures welcome..

pictures and all ..

[email protected]

im working on a new cycling Incentive and we want to know your best bike memories:

here is a link to got you going......look at this and thing of cycling..

thank you james
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Clothespinning a playing card so it buzzed in my rear spokes. Watching it as I biked. Running into the grill of a parked pickup truck that I never saw. Looking up at the big white and chrome shiny grill and bumper.
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Flying Merkel
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Riding to school when I was 7, just like the big kids. The beginnings of independence. Booming downhill on my Stingray with a cable operated Stewart-Warner speedometer and hitting 20 mph. Also at 7. I gone faster since then but have never felt faster.
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Old 01-20-11, 07:06 PM   #4
lee kenney
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Iwas given a CCM double top tube 28 inch wheels but my 1'st real bike was purchased at ACE cycle in vancouver .Shop still exists ,and I remember buying in a box!{10 dollars cheaper** simplex ,mafac,the shop was run Lorne Atkinson,racing memorabilia and bike stink everywhere!Lorne was a active rider all thru his life .There was a open -air veledrome on east broadway and I'd say it really had bike stink! bike culture in 1970 itwas great!
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Not my very first bike memory but most vivid....

Approximately 8 years old, racing at full speed down the sloped street to our driveway which had a lip to it, veering smartly at full speed into the driveway intending to impress my mom with a sliding stop in front of her, the world turning from blurred velocity to slow motion as my front tire hit that lip and the front wheel departed from the fork, watching in disbelief as the fork lowered itself to the concrete, then the world resumed high speed in a cacophony of bike and body tumbling and crunching sounds, coming to a stop and realizing I was still alive, then looking over at my mom for comfort and first aid if not triage, and finding her laughing her a** off.

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Old 01-21-11, 11:25 AM   #6
Pedaled too far.
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My first bicycle memory is borrowing Katy Bissell's Schwinn Pixie at age 5 and spending a couple of hours in her driveway teaching myself how to ride a bicycle after being inspired by Curious George Rides a Bicycle.

My first tricycle memory is at about age 3, in nursery school, arguing with a girl because we both wanted to ride a particular trike at the same time. Then suddenly, in the first flash of insight in my life, I realized that if I let her ride it, she'd get bored with it and then I'd have it for myself. So I let her have it and within 5 minutes was mounting the saddle myself. At that age, I realize that it was a major leap intellectually.
"He who serves all, best serves himself" Jack London

Originally Posted by Bjforrestal View Post
I don't care if you are on a unicycle, as long as you're not using a motor to get places you get props from me. We're here to support each other. Share ideas, and motivate one another to actually keep doing it.

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Horse Categorie
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I still have vague recollections of my first bike excursion as a 3 or 4 year old in Belton, Texas with training wheels still on the my little red beach-cruiser-styled bike. I rode to the little gas station/convenience store about two miles away, and crossed a major highway to get there.
The guy behind the counter asked where my folks were, then if I was there to buy anything, or to just say hello. I had no money, but I wanted a "Chick-O-Stick", which was some kind of horrible crunchy candy bar. "I'm just here to say hello then."

He followed me until I got back across the highway, then on the way home my Mom suddenly showed up in her red convertible Dodge. The storekeeper had called around until he got my parents' number and he ratted me out. I was afraid I was going to get a whipping, but Ma kept laughing nervously, and she just drove next to me while I rode the last mile home.

A few days or weeks after that, I remember my first ride without the training wheels. Pa was so excited and yelling his head off, so instead of watching where I was going, I looked back at him. Then turned around just in time to crash into a parked orange mobile-home. I vividly remember the sharp pain of hitting my head and the smell of fresh-cut grass. It was probably a year or so after this pic:

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stopping by using a tree, and landing on the top tube of the bike.
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Steely Dan
born again cyclist
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Do big wheel memories count as "first bicycle memories"?

I know they're trikes by definition, but cruising around the block on my big red bad-ass big wheel was certainly when I first fell madly in love with pedal-powered locomotion. i mean, my big wheel even had flame decals on it. that's right, FLAME DECALS!!!!!

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My most memorable ride as a youth, is when I was learning how to ride without training wheels. My sister that was 1 year older than I, was holding my seat while I was pedalling. I got down to the end of the block and was asking her which way to turn and there wasn't any reply I turned to see if she heard me. She wasn't there and I swerved into a hedge of thorn bushes, and was stuck in them until she got there to help me out. That was the day I learned to ride a bike. That was nearly 50 years ago and I can still remember that event like it happened yesterday.
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my first great memory was when i was 11 yrs old.... i was riding my dad's bike around officer's housing(on base, dad was military) a lot. Because i was riding so much, my parents got me a GT 'Dyno' and I rode the p-p out of that thing... now, on to the specific memory... it was soccer season and i had a game saturday morning. parents couldn't take me... and big brother couldn't take me either. I begged my mother to let me ride to the game(game was off base) and she finally agreed. I rode that bike to the game and played... turned out the coach was irritated at the level of effort and gave a speech after the game. in his speech... he mentioned the fact that i rode my bicycle all the way from base housing just to play the game and gave more effort than anyone.

this stuck in my mind... you see, to me... i was doing the one thing i loved to get to another thing i loved. i didn't see it as a chore at all. anyways... it was a great day. as you can imagine, i slept well that night.
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Pants are for suckaz
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HandsomeRyan circa 1989.
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28" wheel sit-up-and-beg roadster with rod brakes and 6" wooden blocks screwed to each side of the pedals so that I could reach them. Age - 6 and 3/4. On farm field caravan site near Straford-on-Avon during the Easter holidays. Old fashioned push-until-I-could-steer without falling off teahing method (thanks, Uncle Bert). Leant to set off by pushing off from caravan steps and get off by falling off. Then learned to get off by classic leg over rear wheel manouevre, then get on ditto.

Too long ago to remember details of realising I was riding without help (Easter '47 - memory not eidetic ) but rode it every weekend that summer (hottest for umpteen decades).

weird thing is, we have to teach kids to do the scoot -swing leg over - dismount in reverse - method. None of them seem to have taught themselves. Maybe because they nearly all have bikes which are roughly the right size.

Kids, nowadays don't know they're born why, when I were a lad.... dribble, dribble, nurse!
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I remember back when I had my plastic bigwheel, I would always try to do things exactly how my older brothers did, so when they would lay their bikes down, I would flip my bigwheel over haha.
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Got my first bike from the dump. Dad and I went out and scavenged a 24". He taught me how to completely rebuild it. Bearings, everything. Used a kerosene blow-torch to strip off the paint. When I first got on it I rode straight into a barb-wire fence. Sliced open my nose, mouth ears etc but no lasting damage to the bike or I. The old boy passed away just last week but I sure am grateful for every day we had together.
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Carley P.
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I remember being young enough to be brutally beaten by my parents if I left my neighborhood and got on the main roads. (That's a small exaggeration).

Even so, a friend and I were bold enough to ride our BMX bikes 7 miles so we could go visit some girls at around ten at night. We didn't have any lights, and hardly had any experience riding on the road in general. I remember bunny hopping onto the curb every time a car approached us, and me taking a nasty spill (but not nasty enough to stop me from seeing those girls).

Like a few people have already said, it was liberating. I had never been that far away from home without having an adult with me.
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My first cycling memory is actually on a tricycle. I was about 2 or 3. One of our neighbors had a trike with a chain drive for the rear wheels. It was a little bit big for me. The other kids were busy with something else. I got on the thing and took off. I remember that it was a ton faster than any of the fwd trikes I had ridden before. I was flying. The roads in West Palm Beach are really flat. My mom remembers having to track down her son and the stolen trike about 3 blocks away.
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i wish
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It is probably not my first memory, but it is an early one....

Trying to do a wheelie in the driveway, and going all the way over....I didn't have the coordination to catch myself with my feet, so I landed right on my behind, in a dirt/gravel drive....I don't think I've tried a big wheelie since
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