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gdalivestock 01-29-11 07:38 PM

Bike giveaway from/thru Rodale Schwinn Peloton?
Who won that? About a year ago Bicycling magazine had a giveaway of a new Schwinn bike-the Peloton carbon I think? I never saw the results. My husband was selected as a semi finalist, so I was looking. I just opened the mail to a 1099 form for taxes where Rodale claims we had $7,000 in income from them, but I never got a darn bike out of it!

Any one remember? Cant find anything on or


JanMM 01-29-11 09:44 PM

Hmmmmm...................Sounds like a major screwup.
'Contact Us' information on the Rodale site: Bicycling/Mountain Bike 800-666-2806

They had a Win Any Bike contest in 2010 but max value of the bikes was about $5000.

good luck

gdalivestock 01-30-11 12:18 PM

Yeah-but this was a front cover/two page spread when schwinn was reintroducing the Peloton in carbon. I am pretty curious how it will turn out. And the ONE time I already had turned my taxes in. I bet I have to refile either way-with a correction or with more income. Tomorrow should make for some interesting phone calls

JanMM 01-30-11 08:28 PM

Good luck. The 1099 is a good sign.

gdalivestock 01-31-11 11:12 AM

turns out it is one one the 70 limited edition Paramounts. he did win, and the wheels are rolling so to speak. We will get a package from Schwinn on where to get measured, and Waterford will custom make the bike to him. Apparently the circulation director in charge of this left the company mid-stream somewhere after confirming Garry but without informing him, and far enough for the tax people to get involved. Long story short, 71 year old guy gets new paramount. He has been putting 5-6K miles a year on his 23 year old Schwinn peloton so I think a new bike is justified! :)

10 Wheels 01-31-11 11:15 AM

Nice..Post some pics when he rides it.

JanMM 01-31-11 11:43 AM

I love a happy ending.
The 1099 should be for 2011 income and you shouldn't need to redo your taxes for 2010. Unless the date you win the contest trumps the date you get the goods.

calamarichris 01-31-11 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 12158809)
Nice..Post some pics when he rides it.

And some pics of the 23-year-old Peloton, please!:love::love:

gdalivestock 01-31-11 05:06 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Our bikes look identical (other than yours being clean!). Mine is an 87 model I think. I bought it in 88 or 89 and rode my first Hotter n Hell on it on my 50th birthday in 90. It has Campy record on it still-hasnt worn out. The only upgrades were carbon handlebars and seat post and a new seat. I did by a Look 585 last year, but love the Peloton!

calamarichris 01-31-11 05:23 PM

Very nice, very nice. Glad to see a Pel-brother in a different region. Yours (ours) is a 1986 Schwinn Peloton, one of the last of the Japanese-made models. It was my first real bike as a USCF junior & $#it-hot teenaged triathlete. In fact, I still have my T-shirt from the '88 Hotter than Hell Hundred, which I rode back when I was stationed at Fort Hood.
My original Peloton has been in many USCF crit pileups, but despite losing many square feet of skin to roadrash, I was never able to knock that frame out of true. In fact, I chipped the paint several times and there is CHROME underneath. And the rear triangle is actually black chrome, not just black paint. You just don't see that level of workmanship on modern Taiwanese-built frames.
I still have that original 21-inch, and I now have a 23-inch frame, and the 25-inch built up in the above pics, (collect the whole set kids!). That bike was my highschool sweetheart and I never get tired of looking at it.

DieselDan 01-31-11 07:30 PM

I'm sorry, but you didn't get $7000 of taxable prizes in 2010 if you don't have the bike yet.

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