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Robert Foster 02-08-11 04:32 PM

I am not sure we can say "they" hate us as if motorists are a different breed from the rest of us. Most don’t even think of cyclists unless they see us on the street or road. But there are a few that seem to hate everyone in or out of a car. And sometimes some anger is justified. Monday during a group ride several of us were on a rather long spring heading back into town when we came up to an intersection with a 4 way stop. Two of the lead riders got to the intersection just after a F-250 work truck pulled up on a cross street. The truck let us through and after we passed started into the intersection. Five or six other riders stopped to let the truck make the turn when one of our rider moving up from the back of the pack blasted through the stop sign. He came within a foot maybe two of being part of the Ford’s grill.

About mile later we pulled up behind the same truck sitting at a stop light. The same rider pulled to the drivers right waiting to make a left turn when the light changed. The problem was the driver wasn’t turning left. When the light changed the cyclist got a jump on the truck and made a left. The rest of us watched the truck go straight through the intersection and followed or fellow cyclist to the coffee shop. Needless to say several riders made their feeling known while we were having coffee. One even told him that if there had been an accident he would have testified on behalf of the truck. We are thinking of getting a jersey for the offending rider that says, “He isn’t with us.”

twobadfish 02-08-11 04:38 PM

America is a nation of separatists. Why should cycling and driving be any different?

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