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louiecalma 02-07-11 12:07 AM

Clear coating... help?
Does anyone know a good clear coat that is also scratch resistant? Where to buy?

fietsbob 02-07-11 01:40 AM

there is a clear powder coating, where powder coating is done..

Spectrum Powder works is top notch , ,they're in Colorado.

louiecalma 02-07-11 06:44 PM

I'm specifically looking for a spray clear coat for finishing. I almost found one, but I'm not sure if Abrasion resistant, scratch resistant, and chip guard sprays work the same.

clydeosaur 02-08-11 05:28 AM

I think the only way you will get what is you want in a can is to go to a paint shop. They can prepare a can of 2K clear urethane in a spray bomb. However, If you go that route, you should simply get you primer/sealer, base & clear. If you go mixing types (urethane over lacquer, enamel.etc... ) you could have some disastrous results. If you don't want to mess with the headache, go to an auto body shop. Unless you use a catalyzed clear, you will not get a good scratch/chip resistant paint.

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