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mike 04-03-02 09:09 PM

Whatever happened to Michael Charles Swartz?
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Certainly a pioneer in utalitarian American bicycling, GoodYear bicycle tires highlited young Mr. Michael Charles Swarz in the July 1959 Boy's Life Magazine:

"Michael Charles Swarz, 13 years old, honor carrier for the Columbus, Ohio, Dispatch. Michael delivers papers after school, Saturdays and Sundays - still finds time for his favorite sport, football. He's a star halfback as well as a fleet center fielder. On his bike you'll find a pair of tough, dependable Goodyear tires."

I wonder if Michael still rides bikes. I wonder if he still has his bike from 1959...

Dirtgrinder 04-03-02 09:19 PM

Mike, I was performing a search on Google trying to find info on him. Couldn't find any but stumbled upon this. Worth a look if you haven't seen it.

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