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dukejay 04-07-11 10:20 AM

Paramount tandem anyone know more about it?
Hi I'm new here and I'm a bike collector and I just picked up this Paramount Tandem and would like to see if anyone know more about this than I can find out. I have been to the Waterford website viewed the tantem dating section but mine does not seem to fit in the criteria of their date system the serial # is c9pt102 on the bb and on the website it says there should be a 2 # following the letter at the begining and this tandem does not look like any of the others that I have seen? Can anyone shed some light on this bike for me? Thanks!

fietsbob 04-07-11 10:54 AM

stoker top tube looks short, so the rider needed a short torso and long legs
and very close
if their nose ran the drip would go on the back pocket of the guy in front

I have those Scott Peterson SE cantilevers on my loaded touring bike, work well .

try posting in C&V section.. thats their niche.

Jeff Wills 04-07-11 05:48 PM

As Fiets said- post this to the Classic & Vintage forum. There's a couple Paramount authorities there that could help.

A co-worker of mine had a Paramount tandem that he built from the frame up. (We worked in a Schwinn shop.) The frame is straight-gauge chrome-moly, fillet-brazed by hand. Yours looks a little older than his, so I would guess it's from the early '70's originally, which would make the brakes a late addition.

I agree with Fiets- the stoker top tube is very short. However, that's the way they built them back then. It wasn't until Santana came around that long stoker top tubes became the norm- roughly in the early '80's.

TireLever-07 04-07-11 08:42 PM

Schwinn built their last tandems in Chicago, in 1979. They didn't continue them when they moved to Waterford, WI. Probably considered a small niche back then. Looks like its had a pampered life. Try C & V . Chris

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