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rumrunn6 04-08-11 06:57 AM

what to wear, what to wear
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Yesterday I got it right but as spring temps change it's a constant last minute decision each time out. I thought my arms were going to be too cold especially when the computer said my starting temp was 43 degrees. It felt warmer than that so I went with my gut. When I finished the computer said 50 degrees and my hunch for what to wear worked out. I got some new vest like base layer shirts for under my jersey. The other day I also wore one over my fleece base but under the rain jacket. They provide just enough additional core temp retention to make a difference and come in a variety of colors. I'm looking forward to more experimentation with them. I thought my pants would be too much, but nope, they were just right. Glad to be getting my money's worth out of them.

43 degrees (start)
50 degrees (finish)

under the helmet:
Pace Coolmax Mexican Helmet Liner
mine doesn't have the tail

up top:
C9 by Champion Duo Dry Muscle T-Shirt from Target

Brooks Equilibrium 1/2 Zip Running Jersey,sc.html

down below:
Zoot Endurance 8" Trishorts

Novara Headwind Pants

Arcanum 04-08-11 07:31 AM

I'm still wearing mostly "normal" clothes: T-shirts and jeans. I do mostly commuting and recreational riding, and it hasn't warmed up enough for me to really need the athletic gear.

I did buy a new jacket recently, though: A Merrell Ridgeline. (Mine is actually black, because Dick's only had black and a rather ugly brown in stock.)

It's a nice super-light uninsulated softshell. It's very effective at blocking the wind, so if you're exerting yourself (by riding for instance), it's comfortable from the upper 20s up into the mid-40s (higher if you unzip some). Put an insulating layer on under it, and you're good at least down into the teens. The water repellent attributes are pretty effective as well. Tends to run long, too, which is good for cycling. I'm really happy with it.

late 04-08-11 08:44 AM

This time of year, this is the first thing I put on...

rumrunn6 04-08-11 10:50 AM

neat! never saw anything like that before

Northwestrider 04-08-11 04:10 PM

In Seattle this time of year, I happily get by with shorts and a sweater with wind breaker. I don't worry about it very much.

BikeDawg 04-20-11 02:34 PM

i'm partial to the wool/poly blend for the transition season... these short sleeves work great with arm warmers:

Looigi 04-21-11 07:40 AM

All sorts of options. The amount of sun can make a big diff too. 45F with heavy overcast will feel a lot colder than 45F in bright sunshine. I often use arm and leg (or knee) warmers because they're easy to remove and stash in a jersey pocket if it gets warmer.

big chainring 04-22-11 07:06 AM

One thing I always have, when temps are below 60, is a piece of newspaper on my chest, under my outermost layer. Its a great insulator and keeps the cold off your chest especially when you get sudden drops in temps or when you sweat up after taking a break in your ride.

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