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mjoekingz28 04-11-11 01:28 AM

insulated bottle with lid
I don't and can't get fenders for my bike and there's usually some kind of water on the road that ends up on my bottle. So it would be nice to have a bottle with some kind of lid to protect from dirt. Also, is it possible to have this on an insulated bottle to hopefully keep my drink cool for a few hours?

greyghost_6 04-11-11 02:03 AM,r:0,s:0Heck yes! Google Polar bottles. They are a bit pricey at $9 locally $7 online but I always have the coolest water! They hold slightly less water because of the insulation, but they are very sturdy and have never had leeks or anything. They have screw on lids and a pop up nozzle, but you could just unscrew and drink if the lid got dirty.,r:0,s:0

fietsbob 04-11-11 10:14 AM

never had leeks or anything
. you should try some they're delicious

Retro Grouch 04-11-11 05:43 PM

That's one of the advantages of using a Camelback. If you share the trail with horses, for example, some of that mud isn't mud.

cyclist2000 04-12-11 08:03 AM

Nalgene makes a ATB bottle that has a cap but is not insulated. I like this idea for my bottle under the downtube so the spout will not get covered with road grime or road kill (yuck).

mjoekingz28 04-12-11 09:40 AM

Thanks greyghost. Went to Academy and it was between the Polar and a Camelbak. Well, the Polar didnt smell as bad inside, was cheaper, made in USA and has your recommendation. $9 isn't too bad if it can keep ice for a while.

No lid on either, but I don't drink while on the bike...just at stops and stoplights so I just unscrew the top and let it act as a lid.

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