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lisasimpson 11-01-04 05:37 PM

Bikes Rule!
i was in the car with my dad tonight and we were stuck in traffic trying to make a turn for like 20 minutes. all i could think of was darn if i was in my bike i would be far gone by now. we eventually got past it but i was like man i cant handle this. i dont know if biking has just gotten me less patient or what but I so prefer the bike. just thought i would share :D

mynameisnotdrew 11-01-04 05:49 PM

as a cyclist who lives in a blue state and doesn't own a car, I like to think that I am morally superior to your average american :)

cryogenic 11-01-04 06:02 PM

I feel the same way, actually... I hate sitting in traffic and everytime I get in a car and have to wait to turn or anything like that, I can't help but think how much more enjoyable the bike is in such situations. Overall, the bike may be a bit slower, but I'll take it. The bike is more enjoyable overall and you tend to notice things that you'd never notice in a car since you're moving at a slower pace.

operator 11-01-04 06:47 PM

The times when I have to take the transit to school without my bike. I'm always sitting there, man I would be flying down there instead of being stuck here.

AndrewP 11-01-04 09:34 PM

The bike is enjoyable because it is up to you to decide if you are going to travel fast or slow, but it is even more enjoyable if the motor traffic beside you is crawling.

Joeagain 11-01-04 11:16 PM

20 minutes to make a turn sounds like an especially good day trying to get into the Jersey-bound Holland tunnel. Am I right? I once sat there for over 45 minutes... never again, (if I can help it, anyway).


iceratt 11-02-04 03:02 AM

The one time that I accepted my wife's charity of a ride to work, we ground to a halt, half way there. I grabbed my bike from the back of our car, and litterally left her in the dust. I wasn't going to be docked wages for being late, nor could I tollerate being in midblock, sitting, fuming, and going nowhere. When I have been late, riding, it's never been because I wasn't moving.

cryogenic 11-02-04 03:46 AM

It's been said that traffic jams and the like are one of the leading causes of stress and health problems (related to such stress). On an open road with little traffic, obviously a car is going to be faster but the bike is still more enjoyable. In an overpopulated urban center where gridlock is the norm and the roads look more like parking lots than thoroughfares, a bikes is not only faster, but more enjoyable.

lsits 11-02-04 08:05 AM

Was Homer late for work? :)

lisasimpson 11-02-04 05:21 PM

Originally Posted by lsits
Was Homer late for work? :)

lmao. no but he was late picking up marge.

btw cryogenic good point about the stress. biking helps make us happy cause exercise releases endorphins but also we have control of our traveling situation as opposed to the train or car traffic where u have no or limited control over ur traveling experience.

tie 11-03-04 06:51 PM

But cars are safer and, in my experience, more reliable. Plus, regarding traffic, biking by all those cars you'll be breathing in their stinky fumes (which is disgusting, and also offsets health benefits of biking), while in a car, you can control that.

Sorry, devil's advocate.

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