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wholmes1 11-01-04 08:18 PM

Transport Racks
Does anybody know of a decent trunck mounted travel rack for a road bike? I have a Chevy Camero Convertable and havn't managed to find a mount that will work on my car. I'm new to biking so any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks

ruirui 11-02-04 01:57 AM

for a camero... u should look at the saris bones 3. they have them at performance.. and you can use the 20% off coupon code to save some money. that should have plenty of clearance for the wing, if there is one.

personally i lean towards the hitch rack style.. cuz i've found that most hitch mount racks can only handle 1-2 bikes most. they're held on the trunk with straps and hooks. if your trunk has some soft metal shell, then it'll gonna lift it up eventually, like what happened on my civic using the yakima mojoe trunk rack.

turtlegirl 11-02-04 09:16 AM

There is alot of cool suggestions here

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