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N_C 11-01-04 10:29 PM

The Rider Cup Award is presented to the club or team that best promotes the RIDE RIGHTŪ philosophy before and during RAGBRAI. The Rider Cup will be presented at the January Statewide RIDE RIGHT Meeting in Des Moines.

I am very proud to announce that the Siouxland Cyclists, Inc. has won this award for 2004. This great news was announced to me at the regional RIDE RIGHTŪ meeting in Oct. As the RIDE RIGHTŪ Coordinator in the Siouxland Cyclists, Inc. & for this area of Iowa I am very happy to have helped the bike club in winning this award. And hope to continue to do so well into the future.

But it was way more then my efforts in helping the club to win this award. The club members themselves deserve a lot of the credit too I think. They are the ones who help make cycling a safe activity for this area of Siouxland & helped make RAGBRAI a safe event this past July. They do this by teaching by example. They show, IMO what it is to ride safely & responsibly. I may be the RIDE RIGHTŪ Coordinator & the person responsible for distributing the RIDE RIGHTŪ materials for the public to obtain & read & hopefully learn from. But that means nothing with out the bike club out there putting it all into practice.


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