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cyclezealot 11-02-04 12:32 AM

Commute to work..What takes longer cleaning yourself or your cycling clothes.
Got to work . Had to hurry..Took awhile fighting headwinds..GOt to work late. Watching the clock while showering..Took about 5 minutes to get myself presentable...My cycling clothes..About 10 mintues..When running late 10 minutes can be a lot of time..Can not ride home with grossed out gear.
Speaking of being grossed out... Wish a way to clean up before I vote tomorrow, during my AM commute home. Maybe If I don't put on some cologne before I vote, maybe I can 'smell off' some of the opposition, should I know who they are. Maybe take some baby wipes along with me and some cologne before I enter the polling booth.They do not disallow you to vote because you smell do they.?
Side point. Do sure like the work out and a shower before work..Ready to take on the world..

Gojohnnygo. 11-02-04 12:42 PM

I showed up at my polling place covered in road slop and stinky they let me vote. They will only disallow your vote if its a hanging chad with road slop on it. :D

One tip, I bring my cycling clothes in the shower with me. I clean them first then hang in the back room with a fan blowing on them. Sounds silly but its a time saver when in a hurry.

cyclezealot 11-03-04 12:01 AM

Johnny Go...I was pleased with myself..When I showed up at my polling place on my bike...Well, it was very windy and temperate..In spite of hill climbs- I felt I did not stink too badly...Did throw a little cologne on me to attempt to be a little more presentable...Threw some knee length shorts over my cycling gear..They let me vote in spite of the fact, I was wearing a jersey that might offend potential cyclist haters.
Guess, there is no laws against road slop.

Gojohnnygo. 11-03-04 01:09 PM

Glad see that you made it.

I think all cyclist should show up at their polling place riding. So we can pass a message along. Yes we vote, Yes we are tax payers and we want are government to view us as part of the solution and not part of the problem. It can't hurt.

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