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Burton 04-30-11 11:04 PM

Most Practical Uses for `Cage Rocket`
Being a sucker for neat little gizmos - I picked up a couple `Cage Rocket` storage devices that drop into water bottle cages.

I guess I like the fact that they`re easy to wipe clean after a rain and easy to leave at home if you don`t need the contents that particular day.

So my intentions were simply to use them for leg warmers, an extra pair of gloves and maybe add keys and a wallet on ocassion.

There`s no rack on the bike and I have no intention of slapping a 5lb rack/bag combination on the bike just to ocassionally carry a few lightweight items.

They are large enough to handle a mtb tube, a couple CO2 cartridges and tire
levers, but for that I already have a waterproof kit that sits under the seat.

So I`ve heard that some people use them for sunglasses and sunscreen. Do you own one or more and what was the most practical use you found for them?

Artkansas 04-30-11 11:53 PM

When I saw the title, I thought it was something you used to defend your self from cars.

Nermal 05-01-11 03:18 AM

I was thinking of something more offensive - like snot rocket.

clydeosaur 05-01-11 06:22 AM

I've got one. I usually carry patch kit, co2 inflator, levers, cell phone, a $20 bill & 2 allen wrenches for solo rides. Works well for me but is noisy over bumps.

Retro Grouch 05-01-11 07:09 AM

So you've found this nifty solution and now you're looking for a problem to solve?

Hey! I'm a retro grouch. What did you expect?

Milice 05-01-11 09:40 AM

Would not even bother to buy one. Waste of a water bottle cage, I would rather have that second bottle. Wallet is left at home, single house key or truck key stuck in ziploc with with a phone and a 5 dollar bill in jersey pocket. Repair stuff in seat bag. if the leg warmers come off they get stuffed in a jersey pocket. dont bring spare gloves.

fietsbob 05-01-11 09:57 AM

Make up your own battery pack for your headlight. It would make a tidy case.

Burton 05-01-11 02:38 PM

OK - so actually the suggestion for a battery pack sounds pretty good except that I just use and carry rechargable AA cells. Still a great suggestion!

Afraid I'll have to resist the concept of loading one with ball bearings and installing an inner tube between my bullhorns for use as a slingshot.

Have already tried ziplock bags and stuffing things in pockets and have ocassionally lost items regadless. Losing keys can be particularly annoying and they do have a tendency to destroy pockets just because of the sharp metal edges.

And I agree that hydration is important and have three other bottle cages for drinks. Will be doing the Tour de L'Ise again this year and will be carrying nothing that isn't mounted on the bike - without racks.

Thanks for the suggestions so far - I'm sure that someone will come up with yet another great idea that just hasn't occurred to me yet!

JanMM 05-01-11 03:26 PM

I have carried repair stuff/tubes, etc. in them. Things in them can rattle or they can rattle in some bottle cages - velcro straps can secure them.

Artkansas 05-01-11 04:47 PM

I think a used soda cup with a lid on it would carry more and be far less expensive. :thumb:

shouldberiding 05-01-11 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by clydeosaur (Post 12578796)
Works well for me but is noisy over bumps.


I use mine for commuting, where my trunk bag precludes the use of a saddle bag.

They do not fit will in a bottle cage.

They're smaller than a water bottle and they're flat on the back. Why in God's name would you create a device designed to sit in a bottle cage and not shape it like a freaking water bottle?!

no1mad 05-01-11 07:58 PM

Never had one, but did borrow the concept when I put a tube, levers, tool, and patch kit in a wide mouthed water bottle that went into the cage on the bottom (outside) of the downtube. Then got a seat wedge, but may go back to the bottle thing, to free up space behind the saddle for additional bottle mounts.

Bob Ross 05-02-11 07:48 AM


Originally Posted by Burton (Post 12578356)
Do you own one or more and what was the most practical use you found for them?

I own one. The most practical use I've found for it is to fill a gap in my bookshelf to separate the reference books from the fiction.

I have never found a practical use for it on a bike. First of all, it doesn't fit into most of the bottle cages I own; seems like it was designed with simple traditional metal cages in mind, to the exclusion of nearly every composite cage ever made. Secondly, it has less storage capacity than a standard 24oz water bottle! If I need to carry extra crap that won't fit in my saddle bag I just bring a spare water bottle. or an empty tennis ball can.

Cage Rocket is a solution in search of a best.

Burton 05-03-11 05:40 PM

OK So I guess everyone is right in one way or another
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I do agree that the shape of a cage rocket isn't ideal for a bottle cage - so decided not to use a cage to mount them.
Agree that they'd make great bookends so bought two of them just in case things don't work out as planned.
Agree that it would be a shame to lose a bottle mount so worked around that one too.

A little ingenuity, a heat gun and some heavy gage nylon sheet material and a drill gave me this result which was road tested today in rainy conditions and will double as a splash guard. Here are some photos of the installation. Access to the water bottle is not an issue.

LHS has my warm-up leggings and the RHS has two pairs of gloves. Attachment is beneath water bottle cage and the nose of the rest is rubber mounted. No issues with vibration or movement of any kind.

Mr. Beanz 05-03-11 06:18 PM

Not as cool but rides where I have access to refills, I use one water bottle.

The second (seat tube cage) is a waterbottle cut in two that I use to carry spare chamois creme, spare batteries, small tripod and a few other things. Slides back together fairly snug so the container doesn't separate with the vibiration.

I've also used it without the top section for easy access to a camera while not wearing a jersey.
wb by gulpxtreme, on Flickr

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