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Ranger63 05-01-11 10:44 PM

E-3form Gel Saddles
I still lament the day Josh Cohen allowed the plug to be pulled on these babies.
I tried contacting him (via his old email addy)to see if the new saddle, he said was comming, had arrived.
Wondering if anyone knew?
Or..If anyone knew (tired every craigs list out there ditto eBay)where I could find an E3Gel in decent shape.
Have one new build that desperately needs an E3 Gel :twitchy:

Camilo 05-02-11 06:44 PM

You see them on ebay every once in a while. Set up an automatic notificatioin search, I'll bet you get one within a month or two. I recently stockpiled a spare (I happen to like the non-gel better, but would have taken a gel had it appeared first).

It's interesting - I've seen them go for ~$60 and as little as ~$15.

Here's correspondence in a couple of emails I had with Joshua Cohen about this last January (2011). You might contact him - he told me he'd notify me by email when they get rolling:

From: Joshua <[email protected]>

.... I am very excited to say that we will be coming out with a new brand of saddles that should be available in the next few months. I would be glad to add your email to our list of people to announce when they are available for purchase. The E3 branded saddle is no longer available anywhere.......

The initial saddles will be very similar to the E3 saddle shape and will incorporate Ti rails, leather top, and higher end components. The plan is to offer more saddle widths and shapes as we continue to grow. ...

Joshua Cohen

Ranger63 05-07-11 08:49 AM

I recieved the same correspondence from Mr. Cohen
I'm over 210 and not terribly impressed with liteweight titanium rails on any seat supporting my tush (not to mention the fact that the cost is going to be wayyyy up there)
Never could figure out why one messes with a success.
I'll try the auto notification with eBay
I've also put an ad in with BF and CL out in San Francisco

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