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Toronto girl ryder 11-02-04 02:01 PM

Printing bike jerseys
Just wondering if anyone knows where i can get a few bike jerseys printed? i am in ontario, canada.

Retro Grouch 11-03-04 05:13 AM

What do you mean by printed?

If you only want to get a few done, you can buy some plainish ones and have a local firm silk screen onto them. They'll be a set up fee for each color and the rest will be pretty cheap. You'll have to buy the jerseys, of course.

If you want the real team look, almost all of the jersey manufacturers have a custom program. For a short run I'd guess they'll cost at least $60.00 US.

RonH 11-03-04 07:07 AM

BenyBen 11-03-04 08:33 AM

Woah nice site RonH....

roadrasher 11-03-04 04:46 PM


pinerider 11-04-04 04:38 AM

Hey, San, depends on what you're looking for - We had some team jerseys silkscreened for our charity team - got jerseys from MEC then took them to the local silkscreening place. If you're looking for semi-custom jerseys, Sugoi also has some, check their site at

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