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llmercll 05-05-11 11:40 AM

Purchasing Initial Accessories. Looking for some advice!
I'm going to make my "Initial Essentials" purchase and looking for some feedback. Please let me know what you think of my selections!

Bike Pump - Topeak Road Morph G
Multi-tool - Crank Brothers 17
Patch Kit - Zefal 112 Patch Kit + Levers
Helmet - Giro Indicator

Bikewer 05-05-11 01:18 PM

In fact, I use that very pump for the department's fleet of 25 patrol bikes. Should serve you well. I often recommend Blackburn pumps not so much because they're better than anyone else's but because of their great service policy.
I have my third Blackburn floor pump, and I only paid for the first one. When the gauge failed on the first one, they told me that they no longer made that model. However, if I sent it back to them so they could check it, they'd send me a new one. So they did. When THAT one needed it's second set of "rubbers" (the little grippy inserts in the head) same thing... No longer being made. They sent me another new, upgraded pump.

Nermal 05-05-11 03:45 PM

Yes, more weight calls for more pressure so long as you don't exceed the rating of the tire or wheel.

llmercll 05-05-11 04:44 PM

How about this one? The cost of a floor pump + a frame pump is a little expensive for my poor self. Could that bring my bike to full psi, or at least ridable psi for me to get to a gas station (only half a mile away not even, and offers free air)

Anyone know the warranty on topeak pumps? I can't seem to find it.


doctor j 05-05-11 05:11 PM

Frame pump, Topeak Road Morph G. I've had good luck with this one. It has a hose, a gauge, and a foot peg to stabilize the pump when you're using it.

llmercll 05-05-11 05:35 PM

That looks great, thanks! Does anyone know what kind of warranty topeak offers for their pumps or multitools?


I'm also looking at replacement tubes for my trek 7200 (2008 model)

Would this nashbar tube be my best bet? I think it matches, and uses a Presta valve.


zonatandem 05-05-11 05:40 PM

We use a Topeak Mt. Morph.
100 easy pump strokes get 100 lbs of air in our 700x25 Maxxis tires on our tandem.

llmercll 05-05-11 07:22 PM

Ok I think that's it =)

cyclist2000 05-06-11 10:15 PM

I have the crank bros 17 mini tool and prefer my topeak alien mini tool. The allen wrenches are a longer, which is better for me and I don't like the chain tool on the crank bros.

I also have the road morph turbo g and think its a nice pump but I like the lezyne's also.

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