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PWRDbyTRD 11-05-04 11:02 AM

2k4 Kona Hoss Fenders?
I need some fenders, prefer somethin' detachable...recommendations?

Raiyn 11-06-04 12:34 AM

Ask and you shall get.
The fenders I use

PWRDbyTRD 11-06-04 10:02 AM

Ya know I was looking at they keep the water down? the front one looked like it still probably kicked up some water....

Raiyn 11-06-04 02:48 PM

It's not bad honestly. Your feet will get wet but at least the water stays out of your face. I usually keep a pair of shoes at work, and since I bring in a newspaper daily, stuffing my wet shoes so they'll dry is a non issue for me. You could use a crud catcher a bit lower on the down tube to help with it but I haven't found a real need for it yet.

PWRDbyTRD 11-06-04 06:07 PM

cool deal. I don't mind getting my pants a bit wet, but thursday morning my whole face had been sprayed with water, I love my Oakleys, so I have decided fenders would be a wise investmetn.

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