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cyclezealot 11-05-04 03:15 PM

Do you give into leg muscle pain ?
About a week ago, I feel asleep with my legs upraised. I can sleep anywhere in the most uncomfortable positions if tired enough.. Since, I have felt pain going down the calf and then up the outer side of the hamstring..RIght leg only... I always get hyper about knee injury. But, the knee joints in and of themselves do not hurt that much...
When I pull up the lower leg and flex the knee in more than about a 45% angle, I can feel pain going up the calf and outer hamstring area..In fact to bend the leg more than 45 % hurts and is almost impossible..The pain when not flexing the leg is not too bad..Muscle/tendons effected always feels a little tight...Unless, I bend the knee beyond a certain angle,the pain is tolerable..
What maybe I bruised, twisted a tendon..
In spite of this dull pain, I go out riding..I can't give it up enough to wait it out more than a couple of days....Been riding..Like yesterday, 84 miles...I have to work the next 4 days so that will put me off the bike..
Do you all often feel muscle tightness, do you just ignore it; or do you keep on riding.Can't say, I have had this problem many times before.Do you do anything for it.

PWRDbyTRD 11-05-04 03:53 PM

My legs burn every time I get off my bike, sometimes even shaking, as long as I feel no sharp pains I disregard it as my legs just adapting to the idea of pushing 430+ lbs down the road...

cyclezealot 11-05-04 04:23 PM

For me, it is just a lingering tightness down the legs and sometimes, behind the kneecap..When I fell asleep, my leg was extended upward couched over a huge pillow, while sleeping on the couch.. WOnder the leg did not fall asleep..Seems like it did...Can not recall the pain prior to this incident..
Seems weird, you can not imagine how exhaused, I get from my shifts...
Just find it impossible to not get in my bike time, if the pain is not too intense..Must be a bruised muscle or something..After riding yesterday, did not seem to make the leg hurt anymore than it already did..

Nightshade 11-05-04 06:12 PM

All of you folk's need to add more Potassium to your diet.
Potassium is needed for good nerve & vein health.

PWRDbyTRD 11-05-04 06:29 PM

LoL I could take in 42634541353145151234 G of that stuff and I don't think anything would change drastically.

DanO220 11-05-04 07:11 PM


I would think that a guy who's hyper about knee injury might be a little more concerned about a lingering condition like the one you're describing. If the pain continues to impact your life, on the bike and off, you should consult a doctor and see if sleeping with your knee hyper extended hasn't injured nerves ligaments. Seriously, there's a difference between muscle soreness and what you're feeling. I'd probably try some serious massage for a day or two... but then get on the phone. DanO

cyclezealot 11-05-04 07:18 PM

Dan. I have not done very much to help remedy the condition...I keep telling myself it is just muscle soreness..Guess, that is why I post this, maybe to convince myself that is could be more than just soreness...After four days off the bike, massage, ointment., etc, it does not get better- I will have to do something about it..
Guess, looking to confirm that it is just soreness...Been about a week now.
My hyperness about knee injury.I Have witnessed three friends go through knee replacment surgery in last couple months... Maybe lots of cyclists experience this feeling daily?

DanO220 11-05-04 07:34 PM

I converted my infernally geared hub bike to a single speed about three months back (life was getting complicated, so the bike needed to get simplified!). Anyway, since then I have indeed over-cooked my knees a few times from mashing my way up the hills. This involved some pain in the front of my knees, and then in back, until I arrived at just the right seat height. And a couple years back I injured the tendons in the outboard side of my knees when I went out and road WAY too great a distance without proper training. I can definately commiserate with your trying to ride through the pain. I hope your's comes to pass. I guess hurting from a non-cycling related episode just makes it worse. Good luck. DanO

cyclezealot 11-05-04 07:40 PM

Also. the incident with hyper extending my leg in this manner, does not make sense to me..Yet, I can remember nothing else that might cause the situation and the pain definitely ocurred the very next day.
Do wish my wife would have jarred me awake.....SHe was watching TV and thought to herself..'He looks very uncomfortable.'

Xtrmyorick 11-05-04 09:58 PM


Originally Posted by PWRDbyTRD
LoL I could take in 42634541353145151234 G of that stuff and I don't think anything would change drastically.

Except, you know, you'd die. But whatever.

MadMan2k 11-06-04 01:14 PM

Maybe you could stretch before riding?

I haven't really had any leg pain from riding too much, sometimes my legs will complain a bit if I sprint up a long hill, and my legs (arms too) become shaky when I have a close call and almost wreck badly, but don't. If I do wreck, I usually end up laughing at myself for being an idiot, and/or find where my glasses went :p

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