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hi565 11-05-04 03:57 PM

bike magazine
Im in a delemma, im not sure what bike magazine to get, i like bicycle magazine, but there are toher, and im a road rider so both or maybe road. thanks

PWRDbyTRD 11-05-04 04:05 PM

why you would ever purchase a magazine is beyond me so I have no real say here.

Dusk 11-05-04 04:30 PM

For those of us that do read. I know you can find the following at Banes and Noble. Maybe Borders. Im not into the heavy MTB or BMX stuff more road, cross, touring. Some that I like are:

VeloNews (USA publication) their tag line is The Journal of Competitive Cycling if you want to see races results, a few review it is good. Zinn writes for it

Cycle Sport America (USA publication) (the also publish a British version) Good in depth race coverage, interview of current and past riders. Also some great classic ride stories.

Procycling (British) A lot like Cycle sport with more product reviews

Cycling plus (British) Think of Bicycling but on steroids! Without MTB stuff, but a lot of touring, and commuter bikes. Really great product tests.


FreakinNewDude 11-05-04 06:30 PM

Hey you gotta do something while you are on the can!

hi565 11-05-04 06:32 PM

agreed i want to have a magazine to subscribe to, i like the ones reccomended, so bicycle magazine is not good?

FreakinNewDude 11-05-04 06:39 PM

What kind of riding do you do?

FreakinNewDude 11-05-04 06:41 PM

Never mind. I guess I shoud have read (fully) your original post.

hi565 11-05-04 06:44 PM

No Problem, im road all the way

larue 11-05-04 08:20 PM

I've got a couple copies of Bicycling that I got for free, for the most part I like it.

Xtrmyorick 11-05-04 09:54 PM

Dusk hit the ones I'd recommend. It really depends on what you're looking for in a magazine. Velonews will cover road and mountain races fairly equally (and a little CX/track) with a focus on American races. Cyclesport is more news about European racing, though Cycle SPort America focuses WAY too much on the TdF; it gets kinda annoying. When either one rates a new product, they do a good in-depth analysis and scientific tests as well (such as actual numbers for stiffness of cranks, rather than just how they feel). Bicycling Magazine doesn't cover races at all but does more product reviews (though less in-depth) has human interest pieces, etc, etc.

Dusk 11-05-04 10:24 PM

I forgot one that is nice.

RIDE CYCLING REVIEW (Australian) there are US mags called ride but this one is All road and looks at the world from OZ colored glasses. It is $13.50 a quarterly issue. Hard to find, Barns and Noble is where I found it. Good pro focus with an OZ view and good product a bike tests and reviews. Worth a look if you can find it.

As far as Bicycling goes I do subscribe and it has its place. To me it is the PEOPLE mag of biking. More fluff then stuff.


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