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lafferty 06-15-11 07:04 AM

I'm still riding the same unicycle I got in 3rd grade. I want get one with a larger wheel...thinking 24" or 26". I mainly ride in parades and around the neighborhood with my kids. I'm also thinking of doing a 25-mile road ride on it. Any suggestions on the wheel size I should get?

fietsbob 06-15-11 09:33 AM

A premium price , but the Swiss Schlumpf company makes a 2 speed unicycle wheel.

I have found their 2 speed cranksets great ! I have 1 in my folding bike.

Florian is a unicycle guy, he used the planetary gear Mech,

to have a 24" wheel, kick in to have a 36" wheel advantage for road riding.

Another special option, the Pugsly rim and tire gets used in a fat tire Uni. made in both 24/26''..

I recall seeing a video of a couple guys touring the mountain trails in Bhutan.
on unicycles .. they fitted brakes with the lever under the nose of the saddle.
to lock up the wheel to pogo bounce in clearing un ridable sections.

A few years ago I saw the fleeting flash of someone going thru town at traffic speeds
on a 36" wheel.

kenhill3 06-15-11 05:38 PM

OP- Post in our Mountain Biking Forum and you may get the attention of Forum member Unigeezer who likely can offer additional help on the subject.

lafferty 06-16-11 04:08 PM

thank you.

StephenH 06-16-11 07:44 PM

I have a 28" unicycle. The longest ride I have done on it was a 10 mile loop around White Rock Lake. Basically, riding a 20" unicycle is like walking, and riding the 28" is like walking fast. So it's faster, but not a bunch. With that in mind, if I was going to do a 25 mile road stretch, I would definitely get a 36" and get real good on it first. (I read of guys doing 15mph on them, and that involves really spinning fast, so I'm not sure I could do it.) On my 10 mile ride, I stopped about ever mile to rest my butt, and had major problems remounting, as I wasn't that good at freemounting the larger unicycle (sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't), and there was never a post or sign in the right spot- they were all off in the grass. Oh, and get a smaller unicycle for riding around the neighborhood- 24" mountain style sounds like fun.

lafferty 06-17-11 06:42 AM

Thank you for the reply StephenH. It's very helpful.

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