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kiltedcelt 07-03-11 10:44 AM

Tour Day France (Bob Roll voice) coverage?
Anybody know of a website to watch Tour Day France race coverage without having to download a spam/malware installing codec or plug-in? I've checked out a few sites so far, but I find if I can't watch it simply streaming without having to install a codec or plug-in then it's got no business being on my computer. I see that NBC Universal Sports will let you watch all of it online by paying $29.95, but frankly I'm not that interested in watching the Tour this year. I haven't watched it since Floyd Landis embarrassed himself and lost his yellow jersey in disgrace. Of course I gather the entire peloton is doping anyway, but I figured I'd attempt to give it a watch this year for old time sake. However, if I can't find somewhere that doesn't involve paying or installing something then I'll just be stuck reading about it.

RonH 07-03-11 04:53 PM

You don't have cable? Its on Versus with 2 or 3 replays each day.

kiltedcelt 07-03-11 06:05 PM

Nope, no cable. I was hoping that since Universal Sports had shown the Giro that they'd be showing the Tour, but no dice. I can get cable, but for starters it's too damn expensive, and secondly it's Comcast, and after all the b.s. problems we had with them a few years back I vowed I'd never give them a dime ever again. We actually LIKE not having cable. We watch a lot more PBS, and we seem to watch a lot less crap TV (ie. all the dumb reality type shows). I can watch some Tour stuff from off of but there don't appear to be any lengthy recap type videos which is what I was looking for. Incidentally, I used to live in Decatur, GA - in a little complex of duplex apartment houses next to the MARTA station just about right between Decatur and Avondale Estates.

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