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bmulls 07-05-11 08:00 PM

A little time to vent...
I'm a student at the University of Washington and I've kept my fixed gear bike that I built locked up outside of my dorm for two years. I now live in a house off campus and had it locked up on the bike rack on my front porch.

This morning I woke up to find my frame left locked to the rack, someone had the great idea to strip all the parts. Seriously?

It doesn't just piss me off that I have to replace most of a bike that I have put so much work into, but I'm pissed that someone would plan to steal my stuff. (It had to have been planned because of the need for the tools..) I just don't understand people I guess.

If the Thief happens to be on here reading, I hope you enjoy my beat up fork, flopped, chopped, and rusted handlebars, and my very out of true wheelset. I'll just continue to ride my nice bike. Way to piss me off though.

I just wanted to vent a little. Feel free to post similar stories.

hueyhoolihan 07-05-11 08:18 PM

lived off campus in 72. one summer night, before dark, with everyone home and in the house, a guy walked in and left with one of my roomates nice bikes. i went after him and called down the street to other friends that this guy had just stolen a bike. we surrounded him in the back yard, marched him back into the house and called the police. he denied everything and played it real cool, until he saw the police car round the corner. then he made his escape, we didn't try too hard to catch him. he was just plain too stupid to care about...

Retro Grouch 07-05-11 10:22 PM

That's the reality of college campus bike ownership.

We've had several posts asking advice for buying a college campus bike. My advice is always to check out garage sales or thrift stores, even Walmart. I'd want a semi-expendable bike for college campus use. That way I wouldn't feel so bad when it was stolen.

Even worse than stealing the parts off of your frame, thieves frustrated by a lock system they can't defeat will sometimes smash the wheelset and take their bolt cutters to other bike components. They'll make sure that if they can't steal your bike, you won't be able to ride it either.

bmulls 07-06-11 12:10 AM

Agreed about the cheep part. I worked at a bike shop in high school when I built it up so the money was not an issue. I work in a different bike shop now, so replacing the stolen parts won't be too big of a deal either. The mere fact that someone would plan to steal my components off of my porch is what really pisses me off though.

Retro Grouch 07-06-11 07:10 AM

Originally Posted by bmulls (Post 12886182)
The mere fact that someone would plan to steal my components off of my porch is what really pisses me off though.

I don't blame you, I'd be pissed too. Worse yet, it's almost surely somebody who knows you well enough to know about the bike and to know where you live. Now he's going to be watching to see what you replace it with.

I once had a acquaintance, who had to park his car on the street, and who had his battery stolen. When he went to buy a replacement, a cagy old car parts guy advised him to use a cheap used battery for six weeks or so. "The guy who stole your battery doesn't want your old used up battery, he wants the brand new one you buy to replace the stolen one."

The penalties for some crimes are too lenient. I don't know the current Missouri law, but it used to be a theft of less than $1,500 value was just a misdemeanor. So a bike that somebody has put his heart and soul into assembling, and that he uses for daily transportation, is only worth a slap on the wrist even if the thief is caught.

bobn 07-06-11 07:59 AM

A friend of mine lived in the Bronx NY. He had a brand new car and someone broke the lock on his trunk and stole the unused brand new spare and wheel. He had the car fixed and replaced the spare. A short time later the exact same thing happened.
Long story short, the cops told him not to bother. He got a used tire and wheel from a junk yard and tied down the trunk. This way the crook could see that there was nothing of value in the trunk.
What a shame, a brand new car in the wrong part of town.
They know you will most likely replace it with new and come back!

Bikewer 07-06-11 11:32 AM

During a particularly hard Winter some years back, we started taking a lot of theft reports of car batteries.
They would target big luxury cars as they had the most expensive batteries.
Then, a week or so later, they'd hit the same cars again, knowing they'd have nice, new batteries.....

DX-MAN 07-06-11 11:53 AM

One thing the Arabs have right -- the punishment for theft. Chop their f'n hands off!

bmulls 07-07-11 06:50 PM

Originally Posted by DX-MAN (Post 12888319)
One thing the Arabs have right -- the punishment for theft. Chop their f'n hands off!


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