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charlesw 11-16-04 02:51 PM

Cleaning tire marks off walls?
I rent in my apartment and I've been storing my bike inside for the past couple weeks. As careful as I can be, I still manage to slightly bump the wall with my tire(s).

What is the best solution to remove the tire marks from the wall?


(this is a good place for this post,correct?)

vincenzosi 11-16-04 03:08 PM

Funny, but I never thought to ask that question, but I'm having the same problem and would like to get by with not having to repaint the wall :)

charlesw 11-16-04 03:09 PM

Vince: Exactly. This is a rental so I need to clean it or match the paint. :]

vincenzosi 11-16-04 03:10 PM

Heh... Luckily the paint on my walls is flat industrial white lol

Jim Bonnet 11-16-04 03:31 PM

try those mr clean magic eraser things... they work well

vincenzosi 11-16-04 03:38 PM

How dumb am I. I have one and didn't even think to use it.

I need a vacation.

iovnow 11-16-04 03:42 PM

Originally Posted by Jim Bonnet
try those mr clean magic eraser things... they work well

My thoughts exactly. They are excellent at removing just about anything. I hear if you use them in the same spot a lot the paint will start to go away. Id imagine in an apartment this wouldnt be a problem since they tend to repaint every time someone moves out. I used the magic eraser when I moved problems.

Ex-rower 11-17-04 07:49 AM

Yup those magic erasers are well...magic. They work really well for us for getting the tire marks off the wall(s).

charlesw 11-17-04 06:25 PM

Sweet, thanks!

Guest 11-17-04 07:00 PM

I've got 4 bikes crammed into my studio, so there are marks everywhere. Solution? I'm going to paint the walls white before I move out.


vincenzosi 11-17-04 07:05 PM

Screw that... Too much work :D

Guest 11-17-04 07:15 PM

Yeah, for you... but there are so many marks over the entire length of all my walls except the kitchen and bathroom that it's easier for me to paint then go through with some eraser and try to scrub the marks individually. I just wish they would pick a better color than white when they paint the walls before we move in. *sigh*


BeTheChange 11-17-04 08:17 PM

Sweet thread. I was having the same problem. I guess it's one of those things I just think about for 2 seconds then forget. Thanks for the magic eraser idea. Peace.

twowheeler 11-17-04 10:41 PM

My bike gets parked along the wall in my livingroom, I have white paint on the walls, I have just used Simple Green mixture and a rag, comes right off.

genec 11-18-04 11:51 AM

Used to park my bike in the same place in the apartment... thumbtacked up some cheap carpet to protect the walls...

Now live in a house and keep the bike in the garage. (cars stay outside.)

Mtn Mike 11-18-04 02:04 PM

Over the years I've lost many dollars in deposit money after leaving apartment walls stained with tire marks, and the carpets stained with dirt and grease :D

sorebutt 11-18-04 02:58 PM

I made a deal with the wife: she promised not to drive me up the wall, and I promised not to ride my bike on the walls.... :)

Mika 11-18-04 09:15 PM

Black walls rule! ;)

mmerner 11-18-04 10:02 PM

Assuming it's grease on the walls... wouldn't mineral spirits (aka paint thinner) remove it?

RoadKill 11-18-04 11:24 PM

I discovered Fast Orange (or the GoJo orange) works to clean much more than just hands. I use it on grease I get on the wall, carpet stains, and just about anything else. I dont know how anybody can live without the stuff.

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