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Sozo 07-27-11 10:36 PM

Brooks saddle is it authentic????
Hello cyclists, As I was searching for a Brooks saddle on the internet I came across this saddle, From what I've seen, All the Brooks saddles are studded, the thing about this saddle is......It's not studded. I want to know if this is a real Brooks Saddle. The price that he is selling it for is 50$...... Can anyone verify if its an authentic Brooks?:(

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chasm54 07-27-11 11:26 PM

You might like to try the guys in the vintage forum, there's usually someone there with expertise. But for what it is worth, that does not look like any Brooks saddle I have ever seen.

Sozo 07-27-11 11:33 PM

Thank you for your reply & help!

fietsbob 07-28-11 12:18 AM

they also made saddles for general transportation bikes ,
before the Chinese began dominating that market.

I expect that is what you have. [seen]

a bit overpriced , at $50 , but for collectors doing some historically accurate
restorations it's not .

Its a product parallel to their long running Leather lines.

Rowan 07-28-11 05:16 AM

Brooks also made plastic saddles. This is likely to be one.

thedutchtouch 07-28-11 07:00 AM

looks a lot like the plastic saddle that came off my old raleigh. i would not buy it.

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