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Hous3 08-10-11 09:13 PM

25.4 mm butterfly handlebar on vintage 26mm single bolt quil stem
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I have a vintage 94 Trek Antelope 820, I want to change the handlebar to put on the butterfly style as i can use the existing break and gear shifter....(i had wanted a bullhorn, but that turned out to be too much trouble)

There is about a quarter inch gap in the clamp when the current 26mm handlebar is installed, does that mean i should be able to tighten the bolt on the 25.4 mm bar?

Could i cut out a soda/beer can shim as the diff between 25.4 and 26 is not that great? Or is it better to do without the shim if it tightens?

(i know i should get a specialized shim but im not wanting to invest that on this beater bike)

Your input would be greatly appreciated, im adding a picture of my clamp to this post!

mechBgon 08-10-11 11:09 PM

I'd just get the proper shim set, particularly with butterfly bars which put your hands behind the clamp, meaning you have to have some very good clamping force to keep the bar from swivelling down when you hit a pothole. Speaking of which, have you tried butterfly bars? They put your hands closer to your knees, many people don't like them once they get to try them.

edit: upon looking at your photo, that actually should be all 25.4mm stuffs already. If you're measuring it at 26mm somewhere, it probably got ovalized.

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