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meaculpa 08-14-11 11:01 AM

schrader valves vs Topeak pumps: 2 - 0
I'm using a beater lately due to issues with my reg bike needing major overhaul.

The beater has 26" wheels with schrader holes (my other bikes are both presta). My pumps are Joe Blow & MiniMorph.

JB's dual head is wrecked after 4-5 uses on the schrader stems; the MM wouldn't detach easily, in fact it ripped the valve right out of the innertube.

I'm thinking of emailing Topeak to find out if they can send me a replacement head for the JB but frankly right now I'ma hatin on schrader valves biggie time.:notamused:

jbtute 08-15-11 09:52 AM

Not sure why Schrader valves would be any more or less difficult to put a pump on. Basically both systems are just compressing a rubber ring around a threaded tube. Seems like a poorly engineered pump if it is spec'd to work on a Schrader valve but doesn't.

I just run everything Shrader... I have schrader in my shop, on my car compressor, and just about everwhere else on earth that has under 300 psi. I drill out my MTB rims and keep an adapter on my road bike. Reduces much frustration dealing with niche market pumps.

bigbadwullf 08-15-11 11:02 AM

Are you trying take the pump head off while it is crimped?

chipcom 08-15-11 11:04 AM

You gotta be doing something wrong.

dcrowell 08-15-11 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by chipcom (Post 13085916)
You gotta be doing something wrong.

He is... using schrader valves.

chipcom 08-15-11 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by dcrowell (Post 13086126)
He is... using schrader valves.

:lol: besides that

meaculpa 08-16-11 08:22 AM

I don't know what happened, why the valve wrecked the head of the floor pump (just ordered a replacement from topeak) nor why the valve ripped out of a brand new innertube, that was a first. Maybe the 'smarthead' on the Joe Blow just is too fragile, that it wore out. I can't help but conclude that the twin head pumps are more robust. If I get a second floor pump (1 for basement, 1 for porch) it'll be the second.

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