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spinnaker 08-19-11 06:15 PM

When to change tires?
#1 Sidewall damage? Can this be repaired? I usually toss the tire figuring if the sidewall is compromised, it just isn't worth taking the risk of total tire failure. Is this correct thinking or can the tire be repaired?

#2 Tread wear? How much tread wear do you usually put up with before tossing the tire. I have a old tire and new tire of the same type. The old tire is missing a significant tread comparing to the new tire but there is still some tread remaining. Would you change it or keep riding on it?

wahoonc 08-19-11 07:11 PM

Sidewall damage? Out it goes.

Tread wear depends, on my old three speed I used to run them until the tubes were showing :D It is a judgement call, how comfortable do you feel being how far from home when the tire finally craps out? In the grand scheme of things tires are fairly inexpensive.

Aaron :)

bengreen79 08-19-11 07:15 PM

1 - toss it.

2 - I agree with Wahoonc. The bike I use to run around the neighborhood to the convenience store and friend's houses could have cords falling off. My road bike needs to not get flats during my commute or far away from home. Plus I'm always looking for an excuse to upgrade that one :D

wahoonc 08-20-11 06:58 AM

I was in the shop last night and was looking at a wheel off of a bike I have had for years, I had actually patched a sidewall, got to thinking back...I must have been completely out of money at the time, but had a patch kit available. And I must have ridden on it at least some. Based on the bike and the time frame I had about a 3 mile one way commute at the time and was working a minimum wage job. It wasn't too long after that I purchased a new bike and this one was put out to pasture.

Aaron :)

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