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triggerracing 08-20-11 04:58 PM

Best bike on for entry level
Was looking on for an entry level road bike. They have 14 speed or 24 speed and in the $299 to $389 range, several different brands. Was wondering what everyone's opinion would be on which brand they prefer and 14 or 24 speed. Mainly will be used for solo and group rides.

10 Wheels 08-20-11 05:05 PM

Copy and paste the links would help.

Cyclomania 08-20-11 05:16 PM
Dawes Lightening Sport AL
I like this bike a lot, not just for the price point of 299, I prefer 14 speed bikes. I don't mind the stem shifters. This model was mostly sold out until recently.

triggerracing 08-20-11 06:18 PM


Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 13108980)
Copy and paste the links would help.

triggerracing 08-20-11 06:19 PM

Cyclomania, thanks for the response

LesterOfPuppets 08-20-11 06:52 PM

I'm a steel freak, so of course the Mirage is my favorite. Unfortunately sold out unless you're a giant - 61cm only size in stock.

Otherwise I like the Lightning Sport just fine. I'd probably be slightly more inclined to go for the Wellington 1.0 because I personally like level top tubes. I'm fine with stem shifters too.

You have to know you'll like stem shifters just fine though, because getting brifters later on could cost about as much as these whole bikes do. Likely need brifters and a new rear wheel (since 7-speed freehubs typically won't accept 8,9,10speed cassettes), and a very slight chance you'll need a new derailer too. Whereas if you get one with brifters already the bike wouldn't cost much more.

If you know you like your handlebars the level of the saddle or higher then you should definitely choose the Gravity Avenue A. Actually stem to bar height is would be the primary deciding factor between these three. So from low bars to high bars the best suited are in order:

1. Wellington 1.0
2. Lightning Sport Al
3. Avenue A

triggerracing 08-20-11 07:03 PM

Man I just got to where I can use the shifters on my Specialized MB, don't know if I would like the stem shifters.

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