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CrimsonEclipse 08-20-11 05:49 PM

I need a vertical bike mount. Can't make holes in walls.
I need to store a bike with limited space. I would like to hang it on a wall vertically.
Difficulty: I can't drill any holes.

I already own a gravity rack and it has 2 bikes on it, but I lack the room for another horizontal solution.


merlin55 08-20-11 06:58 PM

my ESP seems to be out of service today, so not knowing what is what, why dont you buy some 2X4s and some drywall screws and create something maybe something that wedges against the floor and the ceiling??

UberGeek 08-20-11 07:09 PM

A coat rack, and hang it by the front wheel?

SweetLou 08-20-11 08:45 PM

Check out Bianchigirl's rig.

panamapete 08-20-11 10:01 PM

i once saw something for surfboards but i bet you could tweek it to work for ya, basically cut a 2x4 the same height of a wall either glue those little sample squares (or tack them) and wedge it between the floor and ceiling....

CrimsonEclipse 08-21-11 12:49 AM


Originally Posted by SweetLou (Post 13109797)

I could use that and mount all 3 easily (I'd make one half as wide). I'll have to take some measurements.


SweetLou 08-21-11 08:52 AM

Make it wide enough for 4 so that you have a place for n+1 or a friends bike.

tsl 08-21-11 11:50 AM

You can use this as a pattern for a four-bike vertical rack, substituting inexpensive hardware store hooks and 2x4s or 2x6s for the metal. The rack itself is 75" wide and 25" deep, although with bikes on it, it can be nearly twice that depth, depending on saddle height.

Saris 8000 Vertical Bike Rack

In my experience with only road bikes, I found I need only 16" between the hooks horizontally, but then I need 12" between them vertically. Although if you alternate hanging them front wheel, back wheel, front wheel, back wheel, you can move the hooks closer together both horizontally and vertically.

dynaryder 08-21-11 02:35 PM

There's also this:

It'll hold up to 6 bikes. I've got 6 on mine;it takes up about 50x54"(the rack's footprint is smaller,but the wheels and bars stick out). If you only hung 2-4 bikes on it,it wouldn't be too big a deal to get them on off. Also has the advantage that you can easily move it if you redecorate or want it in another room.

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