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jduvall 08-21-11 05:09 AM

Casual shoes
Anyone use the chrome shoes? How are they when compared to other shoes? I'm looking for a pair of casual around town shoes for running into a store etc.

If not the chromes whats another decent brand of casual shoes? I have shimano r540 pedals if that makes a difference .


hotbike 08-21-11 02:53 PM

Chrome shoes ? I looked it up just now, apparently, Chrome makes both cycling and running shoes. So you are talking about cycling shoes? I guess this is a new thing-"Casual Cycling Shoes", seems like an oxymoron.

waynesworld 08-21-11 03:43 PM

I don't know if it is possible to make 'walkable' shoes for that style pedal (SPD-SL). I just recently went clipless, and I went with regular SPD cleats so that I could get shoes that I could walk in comfortably.

fietsbob 08-21-11 11:14 PM

Some, like 'superfeet' insoles have a stiffener thru the arch to improve casual shoes for cycling.

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