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Jcpilot 08-21-11 08:54 AM

Just Completed Our First Century
Hello All,

My wife wanted a bike for her birthday in the spring of 2010. We purchased two road bikes and joined the Wabash River Cycling Club. I didn't ride that much last year but a weight loss wager with a colleague this year flipped a switch in me. I have ridden over a 1,000 miles so far this year and lost 24 pounds. I started leading rides in the 13-15 mph category. It feels great to be able breathe and be more active in general.

Yesterday we completed our first century! It was the preview ride to check the course in preparation for the official Wabash River Cycling Club ride next weekend. We started out with a large group of club members and held a quick for me average. At mile 56 we had a 17+ average. I started falling behind on hills and my slow recovery afterwards meant I had to sprint to catch the pack. A kind, faster rider doubled back twice to give me a draft to catch back up. Thanks again John. This effort took its toll and eventually we had to slow down if I wanted to finish in one piece. During the climb up thousand calorie hill one of the fast riders had a flat. The group waiting but my wife and one other rider pressed on fully expecting for them to pass us at some point. They never did! I don't know if they made a wrong turn, stopped for lunch or had some other problem but we didn't see them for the rest of the day. After the last sag stop it became a slog for me to get back home. I was in the granny crank of my triple up every steep hill. It felt so good to get off that %[email protected]#! bike at the end. We headed home, ordered pizza, got beer and got showers immediately. I ate half a pizza, had a beer and promptly took a nap. Woke up a few hours later and I was hungry again! Great experience and a good confidence builder.

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