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MichaelW 09-23-11 03:10 AM

Track pump head for Presta and Schrader
My Silca Pista pump head is busted and FUBAR and I need one that I can use on both valve tyres without switching/losing adapters.
Does anyone have any recommendations for pump heads that fit both types without having to mess with converters of adapters.

jolly_ross 09-23-11 05:37 AM

Been happy with a Topeak Smarthead upgrade kit I put on a Specialized pump ages ago. The original specialized head was leaky and fiddly and eventually broke.

tatia 09-23-11 09:34 AM

Silca makes a punp head that fills your needs. Look for Silca 30.0, it may be available at amazon, gook lickl

CraigB 09-23-11 10:59 AM

After using a Silca for decades, I switched to a Bontrager Turbo Charger a couple of years ago and like it a lot.

fietsbob 09-23-11 11:12 AM

I just have 2 pumps, a Silca and a Medai, both 25 years old and still OK.

No head swapping and the whole pump is easy to find,
as I use toe straps to hold them against the legs of a tall stool.

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