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benjamindgrant 10-09-11 10:41 AM

Building Low Cost Truing Stand
Hi All,
I'm working on building a low cost truing stand as detailed by this tutorial . Most of the parts have been easy enough to find, with the exception of this "Minoura Workman Pro portable wheel stand ($39 at You can also use any other wheel stand you might already have, as long as it has mounting holes on the bottom.". As he states, it doesn't need to be that portable wheel stand, just needs to be a wheel stand with mounting holes in the bottom. The only thing i've found like this are actual truing stands, not just wheel stands. Anyone know of a product like this? Thanks a lot

HokuLoa 10-09-11 12:24 PM

You can buy low cost (cheap?) truing stands from Performance/Nashbar and the like for roughly $39-49. You can also find used ones in that price range on CL etc depending on your area. For truly cheap one just DYI one out of a true but unused old fork...

benjamindgrant 10-09-11 01:49 PM

Thanks - I've seen the low cost truing stands although I haven't seen anything for less than about $70 but they all get pretty terrible reviews and are noted to be very flimsy. I'd rather make it myself and have it be sturdily constructed and mounted.

Are you referring to the DIY old fork with zip ties? I think my issue with that is it's so inconvenient to use. It requires a big vice holding a fork and again suffers from accuracy.

Thanks for the tips though

HokuLoa 10-09-11 10:34 PM

"Flimsy" is a matter of opinion but they definitely are not the sturdiest. I've used the Performance ones in the past and they work just fine with care. As for the DIY fork, there are lots of methods including just using the brake calipers but it doesn't sound like you would want that.

benjamindgrant 10-09-11 10:44 PM

I mean I didn't mean to come across as uppity - I'd be willing to give the fork method a try. I was doing this half because having a truing stand is super useful and half because I enjoy having a project outside of work to keep me distracted and building one sounded kind of cool.

HokuLoa 10-09-11 11:14 PM

Totally, I'm project attracted as well and love DIY. Didn't think "uppity"for a second, just thought you were looking for cheap and easier rather than trying to suss out a way of "mounting" a DIY fork version. What it comes down to is that a truing rig is pretty basic in its requirements so there are tons of options for tinkerers. Forks are just abundant, cheap, and ready sized but they do require a bit more tinkering and are not necessarily as elegant....

benjamindgrant 10-10-11 01:18 PM

I wonder if there's a good way to mount a fork instead of a clamp. You know like a PVC pipe that fits snuggly around pipe and a PVC connector to mount onto a board.

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