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kaze 10-10-11 04:48 AM

Pumping up my tyre
Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm sure there should be a forum for this sort of thing but there's so many sub forums I just never spotted it.

I noticed the other day that my back tire was getting a bit flat so as you do I decided to pump it up. It all seemed to be going so well buit...I can't seem to pump up the tire and then have the air hold. The minute I disconnect the pump it all comes shooting out of the valve and I've no idea what to do at all.
This is my first time with this type of valve and I'm really unsure what the trick is.
I've made a video to demonstrate the problem:

Can anyone help?

10 Wheels 10-10-11 05:56 AM

Believe you have Woods valve on the tube. You need a pump with a Presta Head in order to air up the tube.

eric1514 10-10-11 07:05 AM

That silver thing screwed to the top of the valve looks like the wrench you use to tighten a Schrader valve and your valve looks like it's leaking. Take it off and put the narrow end into the valve and turn it clockwise. Then remove it and keep it off while you pump up the tire. Screw it back on to the valve when you're done as that is a convenient place to store it.

Good luck,

kaze 10-10-11 08:04 AM

How do you turn it clockwise?
There's two little dimple things on the side of the inside pin thingy and two slots on the valve itself for them to fit in but its too tight, it won't turn once its in.
Is that screw at the bottom keeping it tight or somesuch?

eric1514 10-10-11 08:53 AM

The "screw at the bottom" is actually a nut and it should be tightened against the rim once the valve is straightened out. Your valve is protruding from the rim at an angle.

If the guts of the valve will not tighten further by turning the tool clockwise and the tire will still not hold air, I would say the valve is shot. Take the bike to your local shop and have them show you how to put a new tube on.


kaze 10-10-11 09:21 AM

So a tool is needed?
What am I looking at- just pliars?

eric1514 10-10-11 10:10 AM

I'm getting the feeling this task is beyond you. Take the bike to a bike shop.


ahsposo 10-10-11 03:10 PM

EDIT: I looked at that video again in light of 10Wheels post. I could be wrong with this post.

I think you've got a cap on that valve stem. That cap is a tool to remove the core from a schrader valve.

It looks like this only this is bigger than actual:

Here's another:

Unscrew that before you attach a schrader pump head. Here's what a schrader valve looks like:

ahsposo 10-10-11 03:18 PM


Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 13342510)
Believe you have Woods valve on the tube. You need a pump with a Presta Head in order to air up the tube.

You might be right. I had to look that up. That is possibly the STUPIDEST thing I can imagine to use as a valve. Looks like it manages to get all of the negative points of a schrader and a presta valve into one hard to deal with product.

kaze 10-11-11 01:52 AM

I've been doing it with that cap on. So I should somehow be doing it with that off then quickly screwing it on after?
Trouble with that seems to be that the inside bit is very flimsy when it hasn't got the outside on, the pump seems built just for how it should be with the outside.
Gonna try again tonight and if I fail I'm going to try and take it to work and hope some of the kids have a clue.

kaze 10-14-11 02:28 AM

SUCCESS! The plan worked. Sort of. I sat around outside school trying to fix my bike and looking pitiful. Some students came over to help, however, not as I expected technically minded boys who knew about bikes but a bunch of small girls....nonetheless they tried to help and when that failed led me to a bike shop where 100 yen later a wee little valve thingy was replaced and my bike was restored. Yey.

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