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Schwinn Bikes


Old 12-03-04, 06:55 AM
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Schwinn Bikes

Found this article on
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The rise and fall of Schwinn is the story of America. A poor, agricultural nation became the world's mightiest industrial power. The best cars, airplanes, bikes - the best and most productive industrial machine the world had ever seen. A nation where, if mom chose to stay home with the kids, dad could go to work and make a decent living. Average folks could buy a house, and buy a new car every few years. Send their kids to college. Have a decent health plan and a decent pension.

Now, we are becoming a nation of Wal-Mart clerks, ringing up stuff made by slave labor in communist occupied nations. American mom and dads are sometimes work two $6 an hour jobs each, just to keep the familiy off of food stamps. Even our military marches in communist-made boots. If we ever go to war with China, we must first get China to agree to continue to keep our army from being bare footed.

Over the past four years, entire mills that once turned out cotton cloth and clothing for our country have been packed up and shipped to China. Many of our politicians are getting "consulting" fees from the importing companies that profit from destroying American employers. Our trading deficit, along with the exploding national debt, has mortgaged the future of our children and grandchildren.

The fall of Schwinn was the "canary in the coal mine" - the warning for middle-class Americans that their children might never enjoy the benefits of a middle class lifestyle.
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Though out sourcing is a problem when it comes to making ends meet here, it is key to capitalism.

And FYI, all military gear is made in the USA, just for the reasons you stated. My Corcoran Jump boots are made in the USA.

Old Schwinn is nice, new Schwinn is cheap and bad.
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>>>"The bikes that we're putting the Schwinn brand on and selling to Wal-Mart are absolutely the best bikes that Wal-Mart has ever sold," Hornung said.<<<<

The comment above from the article made me laugh. Wal-Mart never sold good bicycles to begin with.....
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Gotta love how walmart plays those videos of 'extreme sports' mountain biking, with downhill racing, huge drops and etc, then says 'see your sporting goods department today'

It's a shame that schwinn is becoming less of a 'good' brand, but it gets people started, and the schwinn name just might be enough to get someone to buy a bike instead of some other item they might have gotten instead.
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Oh, God how old are you Houston? You might have to ask your great grand parents but ah well ever hear of the depression, or ever talk with people born before say 1920? Working mothers were the norm. And ah well whole plants don't get sold and moved sometimes parts of a plant get sold and moved. As to the Communists since you're mainly talking China they are indigenous to China the party was formed in the 1920's and unliuckily for China won a savage civil war.

But thats ok if we just lie to ourselves about our problems we can just piss and moan instead of trying to solve them. But history will be the judge of us and our times just ask George. Oh and Japan did what it took the US something on the order of 5-7 generations in 2. (become the largest creditor in the world)
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