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Bethany 10-21-11 09:32 PM

Making a Harlequin Design with Gel Tape
Apparently you can do this with cloth tape quite easily but wondered if there was a way to do it with gel tape. I spent about 3 hours today doing mine and I thought it looked pretty good. When I talked to my LBS he said the design wouldn't stay as it wasn't tight enough. This was my first time ever wrapping tape so I got lost on the clean start/finish parts. He redid the handles using just the red tape. Would it have stayed given what I've done and the next time I need to change tape, go for it? After watching the LBS do the ends, I think I could pull it off better.

Bruzer 10-21-11 10:24 PM


Originally Posted by Bethany (Post 13398183)
... you can do this with cloth tape quite easily ...

Hi Bethany,

Thank you for posting this picture. I talked to a guy at a bike swap - who was selling cloth tape - about doing some kind of pattern on the handlebar with two different tape colors. I had never seen this before, and tried to search for it when I got home finding nothing of the sort.

I see the picture of the finished product, but I still can't tell how it is done. Is this your secret recipe or can you give instructions to some of us who are slow on the uptake?


c0urt 10-21-11 11:00 PM

here you go,

Bethany 10-21-11 11:35 PM

Yeah. That's the site I used. Once I figured out the alignment from his directions the only problem I had was keeping the tension right and the points meeting as you lay the tape next to each other. As a quilter, it's the same as doing a block "on point" so the tape meets at a diagonal right angle to make the squares. To start I cut the tape at an angle on both pieces and laid the cut sides over each other to make the outside edge straight since you can't fold over gel tape. It makes an angle over the top of the bar and lets you wrap the same as how this guy did it. Keeping the outer edge straight and from unwrapping was my weakness and I just wrapped red electrical tape haphazardly figuring I could fix it later. You could probably use a chalk line on both the top and bottom of the bar as guide lines for where the diagonal points meet as you wrap. I didn't know how to end it neatly since it was my first time wrapping tape.

Once you figured out how to weave both tape colors over/under while keeping the tension from slipping, it was pretty easy. LBS guy said the tension wasn't strong enough when I took the bike in to finish up the ends though that's why I wondered what you guys thought.

Hopefully I make some sense.

Nermal 10-22-11 12:36 AM

You're making sense. I kind of wish you had gone with your own work to find out how it would work. If it turned out to be too loose, do it over. I used to know a quilter, and they seem to have the patience of a cat. Anyhow, with the matching cables, it looked pretty sharp.

GriddleCakes 10-22-11 12:43 AM

Good luck. I tried it with gel tape, wrapping three times to get it tight enough to stay on the stand and for a trip around the block. Still loosened up on the first real ride, so I tried to wrap it tighter, but the tape snapped. I did get it to work with leather tape, though.

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