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LongIslandCamper 10-24-11 02:00 PM

Turn By Turn iPone Bike App?
Is there such a thing as an iPhone bike app that will give you the basic readings of speed, distance, etc but can also display a map and give you audio turn by turn directions? If so, how about the ability to import routes ahead of time.

interox 10-26-11 12:56 PM

Why not use any iPhone navigation app? It should work for the purpose you intend.

Looigi 10-26-11 03:15 PM

There are two apps I've used, but it's been awhile since I've used them and I know they've both gone through a number of updates and improvements. They're pretty cheap. B.iCycle is one and the other is Cyclemeter. At the time I used these they recorded all your data and saved your tracks on the map, but you couldn't download a preplanned course to navigate. I know you can do that now in Cyclemeter but am not sure about B.iCycle. Battery life can be an issue for longer rides and you need a data connection for them to depict maps as you ride.

I currently use a Garmin 705.

Mobile 155 10-26-11 10:37 PM

Just take a look at imapmyride. It will allow you to preload the map and if you select record a workout it will track the ride and give you average speed and distance.

LongIslandCamper 10-27-11 08:07 AM

Thanks guys. I've been using mapmyride for the past two months or so. I like it so far but sometimes the GPS tracking gets screwed up. I still have a 3G but the 4S is on the truck as I type this and I should have it any minute now. Hopefully that fixes the GPS situation.

I was hoping for something that says "turn left in 100 feet" but could also display my current speed, distance, etc.

As for mapmyride, it looks like I will have to go to the website and map out a new ride manually. Then I can access it from my phone and then I'll be able to see the map and route path on the phone. If I do this, will the map reposition itself as I go along? I know that when I try to do this using the basic map app on the phone that I need to manually move the screen as the blue dot gets towards the end of the screen. Do I have to do this with mapmyride?

Looigi 10-27-11 09:44 AM


Originally Posted by cm11599ps (Post 13419332)
I was hoping for something that says "turn left in 100 feet" but could also display my current speed, distance, etc.

Garmin 705 or 800 will do that. Well, they don't actually say "turn left in 100'", they beep and show turn arrows and instructions on their screens.

LongIslandCamper 11-02-11 02:43 PM

Cool, I guess I found my best option. I've been using map my ride for 2 months now and really like it. I knew it was possible to create a route on their site and then it would appear on my phone. What I didn't know was that you could overlay that route on a map if you wanted to do the ride again. The little blue GPS ball on my iphone stays centered on the screen as the map itself moves around. Pretty much exactly what I wanted with the exception of voice navigation.

Trueblood 11-04-11 08:54 PM

josmo 03-30-13 07:18 PM

Hey just saw this thread. I also use imapmyride, and I love how you can setup your own map on your computer, send it to your phone, and go for a ride. I would love too if it would do turn by turn navigation.

Do you think you could run imapmyride with your route in the background and open googlemaps/mapquest/etc with the same route and run that and get turn by turn? I might try this out tommorrow

njkayaker 03-31-13 02:05 PM

The garmin bike computers will do turn-by-turn from an uploaded route. As far as I can determine, there isn't any app that does this.

There are a lot of apps that will record your path (that is easy to do). There are a lot of a

cwar 04-27-13 11:34 PM

I have been looking for an app that could do this as well and MapMyRide is the best one I have found. I like that you can setup the route on a computer then bring that route up on the phone and have it track your location on the map during the ride. One feature that I really wish it had is the Google bike overlay. This would be useful when biking in an urban environment where there are may options which might include sharrows, bike lanes, cycle tracks, multi-use trails, etc... With the bike overlay you could make some impromptu changes in your route and explore new options. I hope they add the bike map overlay on the iPhone in the future. For now, I can just switch to the Google Map web page for this information.

Junglekid5 07-13-14 02:47 PM

Hey guy I'm new hear so if some one posted this my bad. How do I get the map screen to keep up with my blue dot. I have to manually move my screen. Thanks for any help

Northwestrider 07-13-14 02:56 PM

I'd look into Runtastic Cycling. I haven't needed to use it for turn by turn navigation, but I do believe it has that capability .

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