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Mr. Cranky 10-24-11 05:41 PM

Bicycle Chain Human Sculptures
I thought these sculptures were really striking. Just wanted to share and see what other people thought about these. I told my wife we should get one for the living room (joking of course). Not surprisingly, I was outvoted.

See more at:

Quoting the text from the article for those not inclined to follow the link:
"The human body is a complex system and yet Korea-based artist Yeong-Deok Seo’s figurative sculptures manage to capture the human form’s intricacies. His realistic models are comprised of bicycle chains and industrial steel links carefully sculpted and welded together to mimic the human body.

The figures have a definite, recognizable silhouette from a distance. However, up close, the sculptures have a cold, textured surface because of the chains and are completely hollowed out. Seo purposely constructed them this way to make a poignant message. His work is in response to the growing obsession with the mechanical world. According to Seo, everyone is consumed with their arbitrary devices and themselves, resulting in a race of incomplete humans that lack emotion. It’s a dark interpretation of the modern day human."

tsl 10-24-11 06:03 PM

That there would be your chain male.

Nightshade 10-24-11 06:38 PM

Nice!! Very nice indeed!

Dan Burkhart 10-24-11 08:21 PM


Originally Posted by tsl (Post 13408422)
That there would be your chain male.

Badabump! Tish!

Looigi 10-25-11 07:28 AM

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I really like this artistic use of used bike chain:

dcrowell 10-25-11 08:03 AM

I like the female form. I wonder if it needs lube...

Rowan 10-27-11 01:20 AM

I LOVE them!!! I WANT one!!!

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