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RaleighSport 10-24-11 08:16 PM

Bicycle clothes? Non skintight.
I just made up my first pair of knickers the other day.. and I got to thinking I need gear meant for cycling.. and I have major reservations about wearing skintight clothes while riding it's not a body image/esteem thing.. I was a 90's skater kid..and skinny legged anything bugs me. I've been considering mountain bike wear.. but I'm not sure.

So what do you guys wear and why?

gitarzan 10-24-11 08:20 PM

I wear baggy mountain bike shorts usually. I get sports/athletic shirts from Target or regular sporting goods stores. Nylon wicking stuff, just a little loose. Long or short sleeve for whatever weather is appropriate.

dpeters11 10-24-11 08:40 PM

I'll sometimes wear baggy shorts, but on longer rides I'll remove the liner and wear bibs underneath. Jerseys, I normally go wi a club cut, not a race cut. Some of them are actually a size bigger than I normally wear, roomy without being baggy.

JanMM 10-24-11 08:56 PM

I wear these tights a lot when it is not warm/hot. Not too form-fitting. Not padded.

Wicking poly spotry long- or short-sleeve shirts from Target, WalWart, etc.

Six jours 10-24-11 09:10 PM

I use hiking shorts (REI makes a nice pair) on top of cycling shorts. I wear wool shirts like this one. And I wear Carnac Carlit touring shoes with toe clips and straps. It's all very comfortable for cycling (though without jersey pockets, you do need a bag on the bike to hold whatever you bring with you) and looks pretty normal at the coffee shop or wherever.

sknhgy 10-24-11 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by gitarzan (Post 13409030)
I wear baggy mountain bike shorts usually. I get sports/athletic shirts from Target or regular sporting goods stores. Nylon wicking stuff, just a little loose. Long or short sleeve for whatever weather is appropriate.

^This. Actually, I like the less-baggy mtb shorts. Loose, but not flappy. And long or short sleeve wicking shirts. Some of the long sleeve shirts are so thin you can wear them in the heat of summer for protection from the sun. My skin gets sensitive to repeated, daily applications of sunscreen.

I also like the wicking polo shirts. The collar provides extra sun protection, and the open front allows circulation.

Machka 10-25-11 05:42 AM

Here's what I wear when cycling here in Australia ...

Winter ... several layers of jerseys, jacket, cycling shorts, tights, heavy wool socks ... and I suspect I would have full-fingered gloves somewhere around too. I also use booties on colder or rainer days ...
(Click for more photos of cycling in an Australian winter)

Spring ... a couple layers of jerseys, sometimes a vest or light jacket, shorts and leg warmers, or knickers, and if it is nice ... short finger gloves
(Click for more photos of cycling in an Australian spring)

Summer ... sleeveless jersey, shorts
(Click for more photos of cycling in an Australian summer)

Autumn ... much like spring!! Short-sleeved or long-sleeved jerseys, vests, light jackets, shorts or knickers, etc.
(Click for more photos of cycling in an Australian autumn)

niccig 10-25-11 07:07 AM

I was a runner before I was a cyclist, so my running and cycling clothes are the same thing. For me that means lots of tight-fitting synthetic clothing, because running in loose-fitting/cotton causes chafing in really unfortunate places after 10 miles or so :)

Looigi 10-25-11 07:26 AM

What you think looks cool, or not, all depends on what you're used to. I saw guy on a road bike the other day who was wearing baggies with black tights underneath. It looked especially Fredly/dorky to me...but I generally wear spandex even when mountain biking.

sknhgy 10-25-11 11:11 AM

Mybe a bit OT, but I saw a guy on the trail last winter. He was wearing black tights and a jacket with a tight waist. The bottom of the jacket bloomed out like a frilly skirt. He looked like a fairy dancer. I would think you'd get your butt kicked going out in public like that. Best to look in a mirror sometimes.

RaleighSport 10-25-11 11:17 AM

sounds like I'll be hitting the sporting goods departments for some "running" clothes... and doing some "tailoring" on some of my old skater clothes... for winter riding on that part. Thanks everyone for the input so far! Especially you Mach. Sure wouldn't mind more suggestions though.. seems there's always some niche that needs filling.

Doohickie 10-25-11 11:19 AM

I wear clothes. I have some of that cycling-specific stuff, but normal street clothes are fine for me.

fietsbob 10-25-11 12:11 PM

The pad in bike shorts , absorbs sweat, and wicks it to be evaporated.
so for a day long ride it is a good base layer..
liner shorts and cheaper bike shorts are a 'wash', in cost..

wear what you like over them, and stuff the trouser leg in your socks ,
or get some trouser clips or bands to keep the pants out of the chain.

and Don't expect Khaki's to stay clean looking, riding a bike..
bike shorts/tights, are black for a reason.

Me? I wear sweatpants a lot, with pockets,
Got some decent looking ones of smooth/fleeced synthetic
a compound knit.

HokuLoa 10-25-11 01:36 PM

Road: tight fitting cycling bibs. 100-130 RPM with loose fabric = chaffing woes. Also, fabric "flapping" at speed annoys the heck outta me.

MTB - I'm a slow speeder and frankly not much an off road type anymore (too many bad crashes) so usually some tight unders (or just cycling kit) with some thin shorts. Anything wicking/breathable for the top

con 10-25-11 01:46 PM

You will find there is a reason people wear that silly looking tight stuff....It works.

Bibs and jersey for any serious ride or workout for me. Mtb bike shorts and a syn T, or a loose jersey of some sort off road.

SurlyLaika 10-25-11 06:06 PM

I like Bicycle Fixation knickers. They're kinda spendy but I wear 'em often enough...daily, and the style suits me. Richard, the company CEO, is really great about customer service, too.

pitchpole 10-26-11 07:48 PM

There are plenty of options for non skin tight cycling clothes just look around online. Skin tight clothes are not well received at all locations and I prefer to have something slightly more "normal" looking so that I can enter stores and shops without attracting unwanted attention. You should see some of the crazy backwoods places around here. I'm not sure they know the war is over.

For summer (most of the year here) I usually just wear some wicking shirts that look like regular clothes from chain stores. Regular athletic shorts tend to ride up and flap in the breeze too much for comfort so I strongly recommend something bike specific. Just some random ideas:

For winter pants with a slightly loose fit either of these works. You will have to tinker with the sizing though.

For winter tops I just wear thermals and whatever under a good cycling jacket. I tried suffering through with normal jackets for some time but I either ended up soaked and cold or totally roasting but with a nice frozen spot on my lower back. A good jacket is totally worth the money if you are going to be out on the road for the long haul.

reducedfatoreo 10-26-11 08:43 PM

Fox makes great baggy shorts with liners. They've been popping up on Chainlove, and I love 'em.

Nashbar's 3/4-length pants are right for the price.

RoadHolland 11-10-11 10:39 AM

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The RoadHolland line is specifically designed to meet your need! We even brought back the polo collar for some vintage style!

rnjl 11-10-11 01:18 PM

I love the clothing I've gotten from and they have several jerseys which are meant not to be skin tight.

But mostly, I've gotten over it and ride in tights and I accept that I look ridiculous, but I'm wearing clothes that work great for their purpose.


DataJunkie 11-10-11 02:50 PM

Road cycling gear as it suits the sort of riding I do the best.
For errands I tend to wear whatever I am wearing that day if it is a short distance.
Same with riding around with the kids.

pdlamb 11-10-11 03:24 PM

Function over form. I don't see anything wrong with gear, including clothing, that serves a purpose for an activity. Bib shorts and jersey for six months a year, with tights or warmers and jacket over them the other six.

Warm weather whys: support, cooling, and convenient storage space in jersey pockets that don't interfere with riding. Cooler weather whys: support, warmth, keep pants legs out of chain.

If you (or anybody else) don't like what I'm wearing, that's OK. Wear what you like. But OP did ask "what do you guys wear and why?"

Six jours 11-10-11 08:04 PM

The road riders around my neck of the woods (south Orange County, CA.) are developing a well-deserved reputation as arrogant, obnoxious jerks. One of the reasons I avoid "road kit" is that I don't want to be considered one of them.

Yes, it's true that bibs and jerseys work well for cycling, but in my experience, many other types of clothing work equally well - as long as one doesn't mind the slight additional drag of looser clothing.

Closed Office 11-10-11 10:26 PM

I just wear my regular work clothes. Normally that's just Kodiak work pants and shirt. That's similar to Dickies in the States, not sure what the common brand is there. I've never owned the skin tight stuff and don't expect to.

I don't do intense or long distance cycling, so don't need it, if that's what the clothing is for. Just a very pleasant 6 mile commute, errands, and all my in city transportation. That did take 40 miles to get everything done one day, but that's rare.

BarracksSi 11-13-11 01:53 PM

Just because a lot of cycling clothes are skin tight doesn't mean that they have to be worn as the outer layer.

Half of the reason for being skin-tight is to reduce friction between the fabric and the skin. You can cover your lycra bib shorts with baggy gym shorts and you'll still be much less likely to suffer chafing.

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