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abcede 12-03-04 08:42 PM

Need Help for Christmas Gift
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I am not a cycler,but my son is. He has a new business & I want to have a jersey made with his company's website &/or logo. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate. I know you can get tshirts silk screened in stores. Is there anywhere I can order a Custom Cycling jersey online? Thanks

Rev.Chuck 12-03-04 08:56 PM

Getting just one might be tough. How about a work shirt, company name over one pocket and his name over the other. Look for places that sell Redcap or Dickies. Try to get an all cotton one, RedCap makes some nice ones, and there are places everywhere that do good embroidery.

SadieKate 12-03-04 10:57 PM

I think there are some companies who advertise in the back of Velonews (check your local newstand or their website) who might be able to help. Not sure if Voler or Verge does only onesies but you could check.

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