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egak 10-27-11 12:41 PM

The smallest chrome bag is too big, really?
I actually googled how to wear a chrome bag. I got the metro mini, I tighten it, and the strap I can pull to tighten it, is down to my knees. Is there a place to put this thing? I figured either I'm really dumb and missing something or being 5'3 and barely 120 lbs is going to limit me to continue riding with my 5 dollar Jansport rip off from Ross. I mean, the shoulder strap is about the width of my shoulder, so it kind of just awkwardly sits on top, but I think that will change with some weight in it....

So does anyone know how to wear these things and have any suggestions? It didn't come with an instruction manual and I'm just trying to keep my textbooks dry in the rainy season

BarracksSi 10-29-11 09:10 PM

The strap has a plastic thing on it that you use to take up the slack.

In the picture on their site, it's to the right of the seatbelt buckle.

Pull the extra strap through that and make a loop. That'll take up slack. If it doesn't do enough, you could get it shortened.

Top Gunner 10-30-11 06:15 PM

It's pretty difficult to wear a Chrome bag incorrectly. The strap is meant to be tucked into the part that comes across your abdomen. Given your size I'm not surprised it's hanging low. You could always return it & try a different bag. Mission Workshop makes some good ones that are comparable to Chrome in pricing, and their shoulder straps aren't as wide. (MW was started by the guys that founded Chrome).

MAK 10-31-11 10:37 AM

Once you put some books into the bag you'll welcome the wide strap. I find it to be extremely comfortable as the load gets heavier.

As for the strap hanging down, tuck it in or fold it up accordian style and put a rubber band or elastic band around it.

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