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zeerith 10-27-11 10:51 PM

My journey with my 105 pedals and cleats.
So as I am a nuub to most of cycling and especially road cycling I was kind of apprehensive of clipping into my pedals. At first it was a bit awkward, but after clipping in and out of one foot then doing the other in my living room to get a good feel for them I figured it was time to try them on a ride.

One of the first things I remembered from watching someone else who was new to them was NOT to clip both in at the same time. Sounds like common sense, but as I thought about it I more than likely would have tried the same thing. They clipped one in then the other then they were on their side.

So after getting one in I started getting momentum up while trying to clip the other in. It took a min or too, but after I did man did it make a difference. My quads are working at a more even pace and I am not getting as much fatigue in one leg vs the other as I was with my other pedals.

For anyone getting a set just remember to start building momentum so you don't hit the ground.

SlimRider 10-27-11 11:16 PM

Hey there Zeerith!

Nice to know that you're adapting to your new found sport. Those pedals are really something else aren't they?

Don't worry, after about a couple weeks or so of riding, you'll get used to them. Sometimes, getting out of them in an emergency can be a challenge too. You've just got to practice!

I really do hope you're enjoying yourself, Zeerith!

Happy Trails...

- Slim :)

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