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justtom 10-30-11 11:39 AM

Help Please
Im looking for one of these and just cant seem to locate it.can someone please steer me in the right direction Titec HellBent W/1.5" in Setback 25.6 mm :crash:

justtom 10-31-11 09:14 AM

Wow i thought for sure someone here would be able to track one down,No one at all

CaptCarrot 10-31-11 09:36 AM

Give people a chance, your post has only been up for 22 hours, this is the first time I have read it.

I'll have a look, but I promise nothing.


Best I can find is this...

27.0mm with 38mm (1.5") setback. maybe you could shim the 1.6mm? (if it is still available)

unless of cource, you meant 26.8mm

Then this place lists it (about half way down) but is on back order

justtom 10-31-11 09:59 AM

Sorry there CaptCarrot my wife is also always telling me to relax ,its just the hyper side jumps out at times.Any way thank you for your help.And i meant 25.6 sorry again

CaptCarrot 10-31-11 11:07 AM

Interesting, I can only seem to find it as 27 (27.2?) and 26.8. No 25.6 sorry.

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