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pwhallon 10-31-11 10:44 AM

Handlebar bag/ headlight question
Hi all,

I am looking for a handlebar bag. Topeak makes some nice ones but it looks like they stand pretty high above the handlebar which would block the headlight.

2 things...............are there lights that could mount below the bag.....or.....are there handlebar bags out there that mount lower down?

Please advise.



fietsbob 10-31-11 11:20 AM

I fitted 2 stems, stacked , one for my bag mount, is beneath the handle bar.

then I fit my light mount on the fork crown. it is below the bag..
mine is wired to a front hub generator.

there are ways to mount what is a handlebar mount light, elsewhere,
via a tube that you can screw on with a 5mm bolt to fork bosses .
and there are ones to replace the QR axle nut, too.

a modified front rack is another place to mount lights.

goldfinch 11-01-11 10:19 AM

The klickfix system of mounting bags has a thing you can buy that goes on their mount where you can mount lights and computer.

Velofred sells the mounts. It works on several different manufacturers bags.

StephenH 11-01-11 11:46 AM

I got a couple of these things when Nashbar had them on sale:
They mount down on your fork, and I could put headlights on them. I don't think they're supposed to be used on carbon forks, though.
Now, I've got a hub generator light, but it's a skewer-mounted light, so it's also down low.

cobba 11-05-11 04:13 AM

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