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Jonny B 12-05-04 01:34 PM

Speed Biking in New Scientist (Dec 4th)
My Girlfriend bought this week's copy of New Scientist (looking for jobs), and there was a really good article about Speed Cycling in it. You know the stuff, wierd homemade 'bents with kevlar fairings rolling down a Nevada highway at close to 80mph. Not UCI legal of course, which is something of a shame (they should ratify the records in a different class to regular bikes), but all good fun, a bit scary at times too. Not a lot of detailed info, just the basic background you'd expect from an outsider looking in on a very niche hobby, but still interesting. It got me all inspired to build a speed bike, but if any of mu previous projects are anything to go by, I'll get as far as doing lots of little drawings and then finding something else to do :)

Trsnrtr 12-05-04 02:15 PM

Try this:

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