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Mainframeguy 11-03-11 12:50 AM

Anyone have suede upholstery cycle dirt cleaning tips?
A bad bad scenario - taking my daughter on school run, her bag fouls chain/pannier dirty area briefly, unnoticed.
We have light tan suede sofa/couches (the covers DO NOT remove!).
Unpacking homework - placed bag on couch....

And the damage was done! :o:eek::o
I do realize this isn't directly cycle related, also that my chain maintenance on that bike and generally is slack *but that bike is MEANT to be a down dirty cycle bike!)...

However I also recognize the resourcefulness and knowledge in depth I have come across on these forums, so ---- any tips? IS this salvageable? :(

MichaelW 11-03-11 04:04 AM

In the UK we have mechanic's hand cleanser called Swarfega. I forms an emulsion with oil and can be washed of with detergent and water.
I smear a very small amount on oil stains in carpets or clothing, leave for a few minutes, then wipe clean with a damp (with washing up liquid) sponge.
Test on some suede or a hidden part because it might just make a bigger water stain. It may also strip any stain-repellant fabric treatment.

Some people recommend an organic solvent, others a very strong detergent.

Wake 11-04-11 09:52 PM

Dish detergent. It's formulated to suspend grease (as in food fats). It's concentrated, so dilute it a little in a dish. Use a toothbrush to scrub it up a bit into a foam and blot the result with a paper towel. Rubbing only serves to place the suspended grease to another place in the fabric. Repeat if needed. Clean up with plain water.

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