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LongIslandCamper 11-06-11 09:23 PM

Another Local Cyclist Killed...
I don't know how many cyclists have been killed this year locally but at least 5 of them come to mind.

1) In June a woman was struck and killed riding across a parkway around 10pm.

2) Back in July a cyclist was killed. I believe he was riding on the service road of an expressway after midnight and was just out for a stroll.

3) About a month ago a cyclist was killed while crossing the road around 10pm.

4) A few days ago a young teen was killed while riding. It was 7:30 at night. The news report showed that it looked to be a busy road with cars parked on the shoulder.

5) Around 1:32am this morning a cyclist was riding in the center lane of traffic when he fell off his bike and was hit by a vehicle.

I'm sure there are plenty of accidents when cyclists are riding correctly, riding during the day and wearing the proper clothing. There is one common denominator with the above accidents. Riding at night. I'm sure it's easy to speculate that most of the riders didn't have lights or dress appropriately. Perhaps they did, I wasn't there to say otherwise.

Statistics show that Long Island ranks high in cyclist fatalities, but I wonder how many of these fatalities could be easily prevented. I'd say most of them. A little common sense goes a long way.

SlimRider 11-06-11 09:56 PM

It's surprising to see the many cyclists riding after dusk wearing all dark clothing....

- Slim :)

Looigi 11-07-11 07:12 AM


Originally Posted by SlimRider (Post 13461595)
It's surprising to see the many cyclists riding after dusk wearing all dark clothing....

- Slim :)

Exactly. The problem is you don't see them.

GamecockTaco 11-07-11 08:40 AM

I would also wonder if those were cyclists or just people on bikes.... There is a big difference. though that difference doesn't make it any less tragic, but most cyclists tend to make themselves visible and are predictable on the roads. People on bikes do neither of those things and are more likely to put themselves in dangerous spots without even realizing it.

dynodonn 11-07-11 08:54 AM


Originally Posted by SlimRider (Post 13461595)
It's surprising to see the many cyclists riding after dusk wearing all dark clothing....

- Slim :)

Even during early morning, and late afternoon hours when the sun is at a low angle, and casting long shadows.

dynodonn 11-07-11 09:03 AM


Originally Posted by GamecockTaco (Post 13462673)
I would also wonder if those were cyclists or just people on bikes.... There is a big difference.

I've noticed this notion being touted, I've even heard it being said locally. To me, anyone riding a bicycle is a cyclist, it's just some are more attuned to the hazards around them.

Anyone driving an automobile is still a motorist in my book, like cyclists, some have better awareness of their surroundings, and consequences of their personal actions than others.

cmolway 11-07-11 09:12 AM

I saw a teen riding a bmx on my commute this morning almost get taken out by a pickup. The kid rolled off the sidewalk, against the light without so much as a glance to his right. I screamed at him and waved to the truck who braked hard to avoid hitting him (I had to swerve around him as well). He just kept pedaling to the other side of the road as if nothing happened.

I am sure if he was hit, the local news would have sternly remarked that he was not wearing a helmet. ;)

dynodonn 11-07-11 09:44 AM

Way too much emphasis being put on helmet usage, and not on one's riding/driving style or being able to avoid a collision all together.

bigbadwullf 11-07-11 11:19 AM

Bicycling isn't immune to stupidity...

LongIslandCamper 11-07-11 02:56 PM

For lack of a better term, I'm assuming all of the incidents I posted in the first post were people riding bikes, not cyclists.

I'd really like to get some statistics of accidents involving cyclists who are wearing appropriate clothing/colors, using lights, obeying traffic laws, not wearing ear phones and using a helmet. I'm sure those kinds of people have FAR fewer accidents then people just out for a stroll.

I'm a mailman. About 9 years ago I was delivering when a little girl with training wheels came pedaling from behind me and passed me. This was in a residential section with almost NO traffic. She passed me, nothing wrong with what she did but she kept on pedaling towards the intersection about 200' ahead of me. That intersection has a stop sign if I was going straight, but the cross street has no stop sign. Cars can drive right through. Again, not a real problem if everyone follows the laws. The thing is, as you are approaching the stop sign you are met with bushes on the side of the road that really sheild your view from the cars crossing your path. This little girl just pedaled right through the stop sign and continued through the intersection. If a car was coming the other way then she would have been toast, no question about it.

I just got home from work 30 minutes ago. There was a guy in his early 20's riding a skateboard up ahead of me. He was going the same way I was but he was on the other side of the busy, one lane each way road. As I got closer to him he crouched down on the skateboard like a baseball catcher would as he was rolling. A car could have easily come from his left side at the intersection he was passing. Again, bushes blocking him from a car and a car from him especially since he was crouched down. Oh, wearing headphones too.

DSchlichting 11-07-11 09:18 PM

Hard to disagree with OP. Nassau and Suffolk counties, (NY) are night and day different from the advocacy and government support seen in New York City, nor is there a Bike New York to support education. Unfortunately the cases sited in the original post are too often simple lack of sense on the part of the cyclists, or poor management on the part of parents. We don't know if those people riding at night had lights, but too often cyclists do not, and yet they'd never leave home with a car with no lights. Based upn my experience, our LEOs would always blame the cyclist regardless of the circumstance (NOT unique as BF'ers know) so motorists have no reason to respect our rights to the road (or as we know, you simply repeat "I didn't see him/her."). We can only stay alert, and give them no ammunition by following the rules of the road.

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